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We ate bulalo which is famous in this place and just fit for the weather, we slept in one of the transient house and most of all, we had our coffee at SB. Haha. Hello Folks! for those of you not aware I have an injury to my hand, which has meant I have been unable to administer CP.

Boooooo!!! Anyway, I just want to post quickly that I am back in action now as of Monday.

YAY!!!! so I warn you all to watch out. I am back and could not be more in the mood. Picture courtesy of The English Mansion. This is me in my dreams. tanned, thin, and bikini-clad would all be nice, but for me, the dreamiest part would be to relax in the summer sun with a stack of books. The sunbather and her various accessories are all part of My Favorite Things' new Catch Some Rays set. The papers are from the Bloom & Grow "Grow" kit by My Mind's Eye. She had the adorable aqua counter top and appliancesA big beautiful California front windowAnd her ADORABLE original pink stripe!Big BIG thank you to my new vintage trailer buddies! Thanks for your interest of my little trailer blog!. This was a good basic training week. DC heat and humidity is starting to hit – it was really bad on Tuesday/Wednesday, and then eased up. But it will be back. I’ve been forcing myself to wear a long sleeve t-shirt on all my runs, simply to force some heat acclimation. But, as of today, I’m declaring it sports-bra weather – I’m about as acclimated as I’m going to get, and the weather will do the acclimation work for me from here. The next two weeks will be cutbacks, as I’m racing both weekends, and also am taking a light week this week both to force myself to rest and for social obligations. On Memorial Day, I’m doing my first road mile race, which will be fun. However, to me, myself and I it is a landmark. My readership has increased and I now have a number of subscribers which, for me, is fantastic. Please keep reading my blogs and feel free to 'spread the word'. My next blog will be published very soon - stay tuned!. Then you can Grip Edit them. Both versions get Group Bounding Box: one grip to move and copy groups. Bearings - Suppliers of Ball Bearings, Roller Bearings, Bearing King. bearing-king. co. uk/As one of the world's leading suppliers of bearings & power transmission products, we offer all types of ball bearings, roller bearings, belts & pulleys, chains. I can never seem to find the style of bikinis I like that is at a reasonable price. I really like the cinched bandeau style. Des anyone know where I can find a cute bandeau like this style for a fair price? problem?. .