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We are just in the middle of the story and I don't want to ruin some of it going forward.

For now I will say the Sears Cruiser will receive a total restoration with new paint, new tires, new handlebars, new grips, new seat and all new bearings. The Sears Cruiser is rough, it has been outside for a time but I think it will turn out very nice. Below in the photos it after paint stripping and before media blasting. The rust was pretty bad but it is not structurally bad. There is some pretty heavy pitting and damage to the surface. This week we are having an Anything Goes challenge and our Stamp of the Month is. We hope you can play along for your chance to WIN some Kraftin' Kimmie rubbah!!!. The Ribbon Carousel Crewmates have joined forces with the outrageously talented designers from Unity Stamps to bring you an blog hop that is sure to knock your crafty socks off! We would like to thank Angela Magnuson for her generosity! She sent so many goodies to the Ribbon Carousel Crewmates that we are each making not one, but TWO projects for this hop! Seriously. this is a hop you don't want to miss! For my cards I used Brandy and Emma Good Morning and Happy Couple from Unity Stamps. I paired each card with some beautiful ribbon from the Ribbon Carousel. I used some Yellow V-Stripe Twill, Black Horizontal Stripe Satin, Candy Bar Bazzill and Licorice Twist Bazzill. Ok, I never thought I would be a blogger, but I'm getting on the bandwagon. Ergo, development of Marcellus Shale leaseholds will grow in importance to Cabot: in addition to known reserves, the region offers longer-life wells with attractive economics. Lessons learned from the dark valley of depression - These lessons learned through suffering sound very familiar. How to work in a job that you don't love - For young men unsure of the future, but relevant to us all.

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