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We want our dealers to be armed with the education and first-hand experience of installing and using some of our most popular touring bike drivetrain products. Giving them the opportunity to participate in this program benefits everyone. It allows the dealers the open door to the BAKER world of product and the chance to try it for themselves. This makes it much easier to demo and sell the product to the rest of the world. Our dealers have the one on one relationships with the customers we’re trying to reach.

All dealers participating in the program will be added to this list each week.

We want to try to steer the retail public to participating dealers for these demo and purchasing purposes. As a serious tool user I'm always on the lookout for new tool ideas or modifications of existing tools. Over the past year I have run across a few that are worth sharing here. When I'm running a job my attitude is I'm not going to let the lack of a simple tool stand in the way of working efficiently. In the past tools were a major part of the cost of production where today labor is the all driving factor. In the old days you made do with what you had in your kit. Nowadays even a fairly expensive tool can easily pay for itself with a single use or small job. A simple back of the envelope calculation will usually give you a quick answer and solid justification.

A few months ago I walked by a toolbox that belongs to one of the machinery repair guys.

“I will no longer offer holocaust or sacrifice to any other god except to the LORD. But our poor human love cannot reach to God. This is why to refuse thanksgiving to God, to reject the holy Mass by remaining at home, remaining apart from the Lord’s people. If we are unfaithful he remains faithful, for he cannot deny himself. ". It is useful to know what one is good at, but also what one is bad at. The example I am thinking of is multitasking, doing and thinking about several things at once.

In melee, I had to be, or at least should have been, simultaneously keeping track of everyone else near me.

And I wasn't. The same problem showed up much later in the context of World of Warcraft. A few days ago, my wife and daughter and I had mulligatawny soup at a local Indian restaurant. All three of us liked it. One of my current projects is getting our chest freezer empty enough so that we can defrost it. Included in its contents were several large containers of frozen chicken broth, produced as a side effect of a slow cooked Chinese chicken recipe I am fond of making. Also, it has been cold out, and the web is a good source of recipes. This is what I came up with, based mostly on this recipe scaled down to fit in a blender:. We flew from Barcelona to London today and observed a number of things in the process of getting from our plane to our hotel near Paddington. The line for doing so took about half an hour to get through. The author appeared to be well informed, with extensive experience in dealing with disasters.

According to him, "take cover under a sturdy desk" is lethally mistaken advice.

The sturdy desk, table, or whatever is likely to have its less solid parts crushed, and you, under it, will in turn be crushed by its more solid parts. He had similar critiques, along essentially the same lines, for other parts of the standard advice. I have no independent information on the author's expertise and do not even remember where I saw the information. We now have a little more evidence. Tesla Motors, a Bay Area startup, has announced that they will be bringing a fully electric vehicle to market in about a year.

Tweet Head of openings in solid walls.

Solid brickwork over the head of openings has to be supported by either a lintel or an arch. In a bonded wall if the solid brickwork inside the triangle were taken out the load of the wall above the triangle would be transferred to the bricks of each side of the opening in what is termed ‘the arching effect’. Lintel is the name given to any single solid length of timber, stone, steel or concrete built in over an opening to support the wall over it, as shown in Fig. The ends of the lintel must be built into the brick or blockwork over the jambs to convey the weight carried by the lintel to the jambs. The area of wall on which the end of a lintel bears is termed its bearing at ends. The wider the opening the more weight the lintel has to support and the greater its bearing at ends must be to transmit the load it carries to an area capable of supporting it. Tweet Radiant energy from a body, radiating equally in all directions, is partly reflected and partly absorbed by another body and converted to heat. The rate of emission and absorption of radiant energy depends on the temperature and the nature of the surface of the radiating and receiving bodies. An estimate of the solar heat gain and heat gain from artificial illumination may be assumed as part of the heat input to buildings. feed. entry. length. Tweet Soluble sulphates. There are water soluble suiphates in some soils, such as plastic clay, which react with ordinary cement and in time will weaken concrete. It is usual practice, therefore, to use one of the sulphate-resistant cements for concrete in contact with sulphate bearing soils. Portland blast-furnace cement. This cement is more resistant to the destructive action of suiphates than ordinary Portland cement and is often used for concrete foun dations in plastic clay subsoils. This cement is made by grinding a mixture of ordinary Portland cement with blast-furnace slag. Alternatively another type of cement known as ‘sulphate resisting cement’ is often used. Sulphate resiting Portland cement. Bicycle - First Day After Build Hello, Tomorrow is a big day for me. Life has been a mess and my bike has always been my savior when things are bad. So tomorrow I am planing some lite touring to give me some time to clear my mind and just be on my bike riding. I will have to hitch a ride home with family Sunday because of time restraints on Monday. You may look up the route on Google Maps. Just enter Hillside Court Gurnee, IL and Elkhart Lake, WI and make sure you select traveling by bicycle. The Milwaukee stretch of the route makes me a little nervous, but it should not be to bad, Milwaukee has a nice path system along the lake. The route I will be taking is the Ozaukee interurban Route. Flag is made from polyester and printed in bright colors to make an attractive flag. Each flag is individually sewn around the edges. Spanx turned me onto Two Birds. I've seen the dress she wore to her friend's wedding and it is amazing - a lightweight microfiber that looks like it would fit everyone. I think I'm going to go for it. In the past we saw banknotes redeemable in coin with senior claim to bank assets. Today we have government-insured demandable bank liabilities redeemable in government fiat. g.

Celgene will owe millions more in milestone payments – should any of these ventures pan out.

Luckily, the balance sheet is sound, with healthy credit metrics and liquidity available to finance both internal R&D expense and external ventures. We are facing a very hard time at the moment. I will tell you more about it another time, but please keep us in your prayers. This morning I read these words in Tim Keller's Walking with God through pain and suffering. They were just what I needed to hear: Suffering is something that must be walked through. We are to meet and move through suffering without shock and surprise, without denial of our sorrow and weakness, without resentment or paralyzing fear, yet also without acquiescence or capitulation, without surrender or despair. The fire "tries" to destroy the metal put into the fire but only succeeds in making it more pure and beautiful. Like fire working on gold, suffering can destroy some things within us and can purify and strengthen other things. Or not. It depends on our response. John’s baptism was symbolic while Jesus’ baptism would be of an effectual nature. John’s baptism signified the intentions of a Jew’s heart while Jesus’ baptism represented the transformation of His followers into new creatures. The Baptism of the Holy Ghost is our entrance into the body of Christ and water has nothing to do with it other than as an outward expression. The Gospel According to Mark with special thanks, first, to the guidance of the Holy Spirit, then to Brother Donovan and Dr. Last but not least, my wife Beth will undoubtedly inspire me and give me some great ideas. It is written by John Mark who is a servant, a minister, and he presents Jesus Christ as a suffering servant. Matthew presents Christ as a Jewish King presenting a Jewish kingdom, Luke as a man going back to Adam, and John presents Him as the Son of God, as God Himself in the flesh. Also, tradition claims that he was Bishop of the church of Alexandria. As Roman Catholic tradition, like Baptist tradition, tends toward agenda rather than truth without further information we have only the Bible to go on for sure and we’ll just stick with that. From the author of Wilson's War, Post-Modernism for Beginners, and Bully Boy, this excellent book shows the damage done by FDR and his economic and political policies that kept our country in the Great Depression. The facts are the facts and facts are stubborn things. FDR was a tyrant and a dictator whose policies and programs we are still suffering from today. Neither Clinton or Obama ever had the opportunity for the unbridled power that FDR had. Every program's error is explained here in vivid detail and backed up by volumes of information. There is simply no way to avoid the fact that FDR was a disaster for America. Oil is a type of the Holy Spirit used for anointing of an individual set apart by God, for instance, a prophet in the Old Testament or any Christian after the New Testament is in force.

The true origin of the “eternal flame”, preceding pagan antiquity by hundreds of years.

While we were on our recent vacation to Lake Barclay State Park in Kentucky we went over to Patti's Restaurant one day for lunch. It's quite an experience and includes some event space and nice garden areas. Their specialty is pork chops, so The Husband and I ordered these. This was the view from our table: Here are some photos of the gardens: This was a real treat. Please join the Tea Tuesday link gathering hosted by Bleubeard and Elizabeth at the Altered Book Lover blog.

The Cactus Flower table runner that I started in a class with Jackie Kunkle in May is now finished.

The pattern was designed by Judy Neimeyer and is available in Jackie's shop. I wasn't sure if I liked them, so I tried some pink. Better! I finished the piecing on Thursday. Paper piecing makes such a mess, but it is totally worth it! I'm getting my money's worth out of this quilting stencil from Patsy Thompson designs. I probably did a lot more starting and stopping than necessary on this piece, but I was in no hurry. I stopped to bury threads after each section. I picked this book up at a local book store along with several other mystery novels whose authors I didn't recognize in an effort to broaden my horizons. I won't ever do it that way again. Or maybe I'll feel brave the next time I have extra money. Who knows? It's a mystery. I thought the story wrapped up a bit quickly, with a solution that was neat and tidy and not too surprising. Mark Sisson, of Mark's Daily Apple, has some pretty good suggestions. A few things I would add to the list:Review your day in your appointment or day book. Review what you'll be doing the next day and make a list. Say your prayers. Most of my suggestions focus on the next day, but it's very relaxing to know that the next morning is under control.

Hello folks.

First of all many apologies for my prolonged absence, I have had a mixture of changes in my personal life and family matters to deal with. Thankfully both are in perspective now and I am, as they say, back in the saddle. Thank you to everyone who sent me such kind and thoughtful messages during what became a very difficult time. Now, for the primary reason for my post. Updates at Northern Spanking. It is much easier to produce films which are formulaic, but they refuse to produce what we call 'insert girl here' films and photo-sets, where the story is much the same, just with a different girl. The Heart by Bessie Wilson“Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life. Whatever part of the spiritual anatomy the heart represents, the Scripture is clear that it is the seat of the emotions, one’s very being from which thoughts, words, and actions proceed. Who can understand it? I, the Lord, search the heart and examine the mind. He who did the diagnosis provides the remedy. I will remove from them their heart of stone and give them a heart of flesh. The following is Jim Wilson's testimony to his classmates, but is meant for all to read. That is that “authority” and “obedience” are good words. The recognition of our mortality is also a great asset. I have not been the best at showing up at reunions, so many of you do not know me or even recognize my name. Here is a little background. I rowed crew for most of four years, but never got into a varsity boat except for the first boat in plebe year. Most of us who are still alive have had narrow escapes in Korea, Viet Nam, or the Cold War. If we are Christians, that is people in whom Jesus Christ dwells. “To them God has chosen to make known among the Gentiles the glorious riches of this mystery, which is Christ in you, the hope of glory. That is unconfessed, unrepentant immorality in the other Christian. “I have written you in my letter not to associate with sexually immoral people. If we do not have fellowship it is because we are not walking in the light. This is not church discipline. This is a natural consequence of sin. The following may apply to some of you. Here is a reminder of sins you know about, some of which you acknowledge, but few of which you have repented of and forsaken. Trying instead of trusting. This is my booth at The Junk Salvation Show a couple months ago. This is my very first trailer and I still love her, but I have yet to give her a name any ideas? This was the front of my trailer I covered the hitch with a tutu lamp shade. The cab interior also needs a few extra adornments and a suitable driver figure. Proudly wearing the National Coal Board livery, No. To stop SMS updates, simply text UNFOLLOW LTISACAD to the same number. Explode Mtext to get Text. Explode Plines, Mlines, Hatches, Dimensions and Leaders into Lines, Arcs, Text, etc. Exploding a Block sometimes gives us undesirable results. Hats off again to the Shropshire Union Canal Society – in this case for the leisure area they've provided at Sykes Hollow on the Middlewich branch. We had just under three hours of cruising this morning before deciding to pull up at this delightful, quiet spot for lunch. Here's the view from inside the cruiser stern cover. It's nice to be self-sufficient, so you just stop when you need to. And the new gizmo means we'll probably only need to run the engine for a relatively short time this evening to have enough charge to see us through to tomorrow morning. .