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KENOSHA, Wis. “Snap-on’s eight-piece INSTINCT Screwdriver set with extra long reach is the ideal solution when you need to reach those tight spots that are tough to get to,” said Bryan Hantke, product manager for Snap-on. “With soft handles and extra-long reach, these durable and versatile screwdrivers should be in every service techs’ toolbox. They are perfect for working on hose clamps, headlight fasteners and trim panel applications. I am so ready to take this class. Here is a short film for inspiration. I hope your Friday is Fun, and Full of good Fortune. She did, however, have one distinction—the highest positive rating. I have to confess that my title for this post is also misleading. My previous example offered statistics that appeared, if you did not pay attention, to support its misleading headline. This one does not. 'Turn your Scars into Stars'.

That is what a counselor named Gale taught me to say a few years ago.

Well that is what happened to me earlier this year. This caused a arch in my lower back and constant back pain. The cure was to wear a shim in my left shoe to try to correct the difference in length. Last year I was in West Africa with my brother and two others.

While there we were walking down a dimly lit road and out of nowhere something resembling a head and shoulders headed right for me.

It was a shadow figure being lit up from behind so we could see it. I stepped to the side to avoid a collision and fell into a nearby storm drain. DAMN, but I love the protection that the mobile video camera on my patrol car provides me with. Labels: day at the office, gadgets, police, yay us, You Do That In Public?. That is all. Labels: expectations, Gripes, public service message, writing. a People Of The Gun, like Tamara. I've been asking Jeff almost as long as she has, but haven't yet gotten posted like she has. Star power, bay-bee. Labels: culture, guns, popular culture, self-mockery, vanity. I need to find me some insert adaptors. See, there have been several times in my law enforcement career where I've needed to put down an animal in the city. Sometimes it's a rabid skunk. Sometimes it's a dog that's bitten someone for the last time. Occasionally it's a dog that has a "death warrant" issued. On one memorable occasion, my lieutenant had to put down a rogue emu that had been running in and out of traffic. While of course we make sure that we have good backstops, people get worked up over identifiable gunfire, sometimes. A couple of thoughts came to mind but I went with creating clouds with copics mostly because I have had numerous people ask. "How do you do that" so I thought this was the perfect opportunity to give a tutorial on a growing "Trend". I know myself and alot of other people would create a "cloud mask" and stipple some ink down to create clouds. I love that effect. it's simple and easy! Recently I have seen alot of clouds created with copic markers in blogland.

It took me a little while to get onboard to the idea.

It looked way to difficult and I am all about easy!! A couple of weeks ago I was hanging out with some amazing and talented ladies and I was too embarrassed to pull out the ol' mask because I had so many stamping rockstars around me. So I made my own clouds with copics and guess what.

As I promised to do here, I am posting a sequel to my original column: Ron Paul's Money Illusion.

I doubt that what I have to say here will sway opinion one way or the other, but I at least hope that the nature of my criticism will be more clearly understood. The purpose of my original post was to critique a statement I've heard Fed critics repeat ad nauseam. The downside to this “price protected” portfolio is an ugly – and unspoken – truth at Breitburn Energy: cash flow growth is dependent on hitting the production target, which in turn, is tied to spudded wells and acquisitions, funded with more and more debt and by secondary stock offerings, which increases the amount of units outstanding and subsequent cash distributions paid out, too. My training has been long and detailed, but appropriate and relevant. Manual handling, substances hazardous to health, Riddor and Caldicot. What is the logic behind taking me away from where I am doing my job to lecture me on stuff which is of no use or relevance to that job. I regard finding various reasons and excuses not to attend as something of a sport, but running rings around the intellectually challenged and pointless individuals who run these lectures is something of a hollow victory. rather like kicking a toothless old dog. So I thought that, just to cheer them up, I would attend just one, and I actually found one that I thought might be interesting. “Handling violence and aggression” seemed to me that it could be worthwhile, as apparently this is on the increase in the NHS, even though I have never seen a single instance. If you thought Telebubbies was odd, you haven't seen In the Night Garden, in which a cast of weird and wonderful characters trundles around in psychedelic carriages through a gardeny forest setting, singing odd little songs like "Iggle piggle", "Upsy daisy", and "Makk pakka Akka wakka Mikka makka moo!".

Unn, Ooo and Eee, the Tombliboos, are little monosyllabic creatures who live amongst the labyrinthine twigs of a big, round bush, and I must admit, I've seldom seen a house I'd like to live in more.

Apparently, though, they don't just live there, they also live inside our television. God appeared to people in different ways. There is a vision, as in this verse and elsewhere where the person is in a trance but fully awake and God has taken over the person’s consciousness. He spoke to Samuel, Isaiah, Nathan the prophet, Ezekiel, Ananias of Damascus, Peter, Paul, and others in this way. For Sale: fits a ton of years and custom applications. This is just a mess of slow, logic-deprived nonsense. I expected a lot considering the good things I had heard about it and cannot express how disappointed I was. The Younger Son and I spent a nice while after we finished it ripping it to shreds in every particular. To rehearse what we saw as its problems would take much longer than anyone would care to read, but I will say you couldn't pay me to watch this again. It does include a celebration of their New Year, which is why I post this today. trailer:The NYT has a positive review, as do Salon. as one of Keaton's most impressively self-reflective films and an ode to the unexpected and elusive lightening-in-a-bottle nature of filmmaking.

" Image & Narrative has a lengthy article with screenshots.

DVD Journal calls it "the last really good Buster Keaton film". Images Journal notes it was "the most financially successful film of Keaton's career". one day, one of these will find a perfect spot in my home. until then, i will just look at these and envy them for not already being there. It's a story of growing paranoia. I watched it online free, but it's no longer available. It is written and directed by Stewart Thorndike, and stars Gaby Hoffmann. trailer: Lyle - Trailer by dreadcentral Best-Horror-Movies. It is raw. In the end, it is grimy. It burns a little bit in your insides. Max Reinhardt and William Dieterle direct. It stars Ian Hunter, James Cagney, Mickey Rooney, Olivia de Havilland, Joe E. Brown, Dick Powell and Arthur Treacher. The score is by Felix Mendelssohn as re-orchestrated by Erich Wolfgang Korngold.

It bombed at the box office but seems to have increased appreciation now.

The special effects are quite good, the dance sequences are delightful, the actors are fun to watch.

It won the Nero Award, which is probably why I have it on my shelf.

I'm not a fan and am not finishing this one. It's fine enough, but I keep eyeing other books on my TBR shelf and wondering if they would captivate me more.

from the back of the book:A beautiful, grief-stricken woman has vanished without a trace.

So has the detective hired to find her. Finney plays Scrooge both as a young man and as the old man, and he is wonderful in both parts. Perfectly believable. The first time I saw it I didn't realize the parts were played by the same actor. He is in The Bourne Ultimatum, The Bourne Legacy and Skyfall. We love Albert Finney. We're especially fond of him in Big Fish. "What should I wear to my Dr. appointment?" asked The Grandmother. Difficult question to answer. The Grandmother had gotten pickier and pickier about clothes over the years. I started being her transportation and would take her shopping. She had given up heels by then and wouldn't wear skirts or dresses with flat shoes.

That left pants only, which is still a broad playing field because she's not picky about pants.

Every Friday night -well, most Friday nights- The Husband makes pizza for supper as he has done since the kids were little. He makes the crust from scratch, and he usually makes a beef or sausage pizza. The Daughter and I prefer veggie pizzas, so I often put veggie toppings on one of them. IMDB provides this description:Shows the tap room of the "Miners' Arms," a stout lady at the bar, and three men playing cards. Old toper with a silk hat asleep by the stove. Rough miner enters, barmaid serves him with Red Eye Whiskey and he proceeds to clean out the place. Barmaid takes a hand with a siphon of vichy, and bounces the intruder, with the help of the card players, who line up before the bar and take numerous drinks on the house. Written by Edison CatalogWild West Web describes it as "the first "western"". Weird Wild Realm describes the set and says, "It's considered a historical moment for the nascent cinema, however, in establishing the western saloon setting for oh so many future westerns". I haven't tried this yet, but it looks so cool. Anatoly Zenkov has a program that you can use to track your mouse movements over time. It yields beautiful pictures, such as the one above, which came from miss yasmina's Flickr page. HT: Theology & Geometry. " Moria describes it as "Hollywood’s first serious attempt to conduct a ghost story. " The New York Times warns:Proceed at your own risk, we warn you, if you are at all afraid of the dark. For this fiction about two young people who buy an old seaside house in England, only to discover that a couple of banshees have taken up residence first, is as solemnly intent on raising gooseflesh as any ghost-story weirdly told to a group of shivering youngsters around a campfire on a dark and windy night. MSN and TCM have overviews. This is exceptional because of venue availability. We will be hosting it at a lovely venue in Central London, near Vauxhall railway/underground station. For out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks. The good man brings good things out of the good stored up in him, and the evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in him. ” Whatever is “stored up” is brought out. Not only is “good” or “evil” brought out, but they “overflow” out. Apparently from this text, the mouth is an overflow valve venting what is stored up. The teaching here is not on watching your mouth, but on storing up good. The other day, I came across this website that tests your ability to remember digits. I've heard this before. At this point, I'm sure you're wondering if you are an "average" person. So, go try it. PreambleThe second question has just shown us that we can demonstrate “that God is”. Questions twelve and thirteen discuss how we can know about God and what we can say about Him. Why this Question Matters. Its importance explains why Aquinas considers it so early on in the summa. dsfdelmec. co. Dsf Delmec Ltd. .