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Maternity clothes: Yes, pretty much everything is maternity these days.

I am totally not wanting to buy anymore clothes since we are so close to the end.

In Christ's Passover, Sunday fulfills the spiritual truth of the Jewish sabbath and announces man's eternal rest in God.

If God "rested and was refreshed" on the seventh day, man too ought to "rest" and should let others, especially the poor, "be refreshed.

The Sistine Chapel is a treasure chest. It seemed a strained effort to alter its beauty b y building an artificial, made-up stage. In the ordinary rite, this celebration 'with the back turned to the people' is a foreseen position. Yet I underline: the back is not turned to the faithful, but the celebrant and the faithful are turned towards the only point that counts, which is the Crucifix. Guido Marini, to Italian daily Il Tempo, Sunday edition.

Miracles can happen, even in a culture of death.

A child is born alive in an abortion clinic.

The mother is alone with her child in the bathroom and her pleas for help go unheeded by the abortion mill staff.

She watches, helpless, as her newborn baby dies.

"Born Alive". For more info, visit this website. The report is full of other interesting stuff. There are multiple interviews dealing with corruption at the parish level by a magistrate named Merceron, a local boss in the habit of illegally altering property taxes to reward his friends and punish his enemies and refusing to license public houses unless they agreed to buy their liquor from his preferred supplier. We get to see the accusation by the local rector, questioning of various people who did or did not get their public houses licensed, and Merceron's testimony in his defense. More relevant to my current project are the views of law enforcement institutions expressed by those testifying. The system in London included both unpaid constables—the norm elsewhere—and a small number of constables employed, under the direction of magistrates, at a low salary. There were substantial parliamentary rewards on conviction for serious felonies, shared among the private prosecutor, the witnesses, and any constables or private thieftakers who played a role in apprehending and convicting the defendant. There were also rewards offered by crime victims for recovering their property and/or catching and convicting the criminal responsible. Practically all the witnesses questioned on that matter, most of them magistrates, insist that their constables would never do such a thing. Their concern is rather that jurors may disbelieve the testimony of constables on the unwarranted suspicion that they are biasing it to guarantee a conviction and thus a reward. That is offered as one argument for replacing the system of parliamentary rewards conditional on conviction with one of rewards given at the discretion of the magistrates whether or not the defendant is convicted. They send you a test kit, you provide some saliva, they test it. Thus getting tested not only provides some private benefits, it also increases the existing store of information about the results of different gene variants, which strikes me as a good thing to do. I have two pieces of evidence that their service is real.

The main one is that they correctly identified my son as my son.

global-warming, an experience interesting less for what it taught me about global warming than what it taught me about people arguing for and against it. It occured to me that expanding that online war of words to a literal war in realspace might provide material for an interesting science fiction novel. I don't plan to write it, since I don't think it is the sort of story I would be good at telling. This post is an invitation for someone else to. The setting is sometime in the fairly near future. Two dissimilar states are adjacent. The larger, richer, and more technologically advanced is dominated by environmentalists concerned with the dangers of global warming. 'Turn your Scars into Stars'. That is what a counselor named Gale taught me to say a few years ago. Well that is what happened to me earlier this year.

This caused a arch in my lower back and constant back pain.

The cure was to wear a shim in my left shoe to try to correct the difference in length. Last year I was in West Africa with my brother and two others. While there we were walking down a dimly lit road and out of nowhere something resembling a head and shoulders headed right for me. It was a shadow figure being lit up from behind so we could see it. I stepped to the side to avoid a collision and fell into a nearby storm drain. For Halloween decorating only. I'm not doing so well with this so far. My sites a bit boring don't ya think? I'll have to work on that. Things have been hectic lately with work and school. I don't know what I was thinking when I decided to do this, Oh My is it going to be LOTS and LOTS of cutting. What was I thinking!! They did turn out beautiful though. Can't wait. I have to admit that I never ascribed much importance to the idea of "tax policy shocks" as an important driver of the U. S. postwar business cycle. But I just came across a paper that has led me to re-evaluate my views on this matter: Empirical Evidence on the Aggregate Effects of Anticipated and Unanticipated U. S. Here is the abstract: We provide empirical evidence on the dynamics effects of tax liability changes in the United States. We distinguish between surprise and anticipated tax changes using a timing-convention. We document that pre-announced but not yet implemented tax cuts give rise to contractions in output, investment and hours worked while real wages increase. In contrast, there are no significant anticipation effects on aggregate consumption. Implemented tax cuts, regardless of their timing, have expansionary and persistent effects on output, consumption, investment, hours worked and real wages. Results are shown to be very robust. It's a nice and easy read. He seems to identify "speculators" as relatively risk-tolerant agents. These type of agents provide a social good by their willingness to absorb risk, giving the rest of peace of mind. Of course, their willingness to absorb risk is not necessarily the same thing as their ability to absorb risk. If things turn out very poorly, the rest of us will be asked to absorb the risk. Hmmm. Yesterday's Guardian had a nice article about the rise of the gluten free diet, the latest pseudo scientific preoccupation of the worried well. I didn't give it too much thought. I've seen this sort of phenomenon many times before. But today I found something that takes this to it's most absurd extreme. That's right. Gluten free cosmetics! WTF! Do ordinary cosmetics contain any gluten? Does even the most seriously affected coeliac sufferer have a problem with gluten on the skin? There are people out there who will sell you dog shit if they could get you to buy it.

And with attention to presentation there are people who would buy it.

Yeah!. Like they're all liars!. Don't you just wish?.

While it's not really "dating", it's true that there's something about a new female friendship that feels a bit like falling in love: exhilarating and a little scary.

An evening with a girlfriend, or a group of girlfriends, can be a lot of fun. Best of all is time spent with a good old friend, where you know each other inside out, but still have more to learn. It's just the joy of getting to know a new friend or re-connecting with an old friend, far from the world of dirty socks and crumby carpets and rumpled beds. Yesterday, I was chatting to another pre-school mum about housework. "Yes, I know!" she said. Now I only do it once a week. And these days, I only do half the dusting each week. One week I dust upstairs, the other downstairs. I had the most glorious walk this morning. It was one of those sun-drenched Spring mornings, with a cool, crisp breeze, and the air was fresh and clear.

Every dancing shadow was sharp-etched and lovely, every finely veined leaf suffused with a deeper meaning, every branch lifted a multitude of tiny twigs to the sky in praise to God.

It was one of those rare times when my eyes were unclouded by tiredness, guilt, discouragement, or illness, and the world seemed fair and unspoiled, like it was made new this morning just for me. It struck me that this was a small taste of how Adam and Eve must have seen the world, in all its shining newness, when they walked with God in the morning of the world, and discovered its beauties for the first time, through eyes unmarred by sin, doubt, and sorrow. It made me wonder why they gave all this up to follow their own path away from God. It's not much of a deal is it: "Here, swap this fantastic and wonderful beauty, this serenity and bliss, this tender enjoyment of one another, this intimate walk with God, for a world filled with despair, misery, decay, confusion, pain, and death. "But of course that's not the choice that was presented to them. Satan painted the way he wanted them to take in bright and glowing colours: "God didn't really say that you would die! He's actually trying to keep from you the greatest secret of all: the knowledge of good and evil. "Little did they know the desolation that an inner knowledge of evil would produce. And is it any different for us? We also hear the taunting, lying words of Satan, the great Deceiver, whispering in our ears, accusing us, challenging us, and tempting us with false promises of wisdom and happiness. Octavo. Black and white illustrations. Sold out at publisher. Volubilis Ex Chaosium is the most recent edition to an ever-growing library of occult works inspired by the writings of legendary American horror writer H. P. Lovecraft. The Dispossessed by Ursula K. The music is by the prolific Jerry Goldsmith. This is another fine Western. Why are there so many good Westerns I've never heard of? Sad. But discovering them is fun. " TCM has an overview. Though Gogol claimed a folkloric source, no such source has been found. Some of the special effects are interesting, but I probably won't watch this one again. There's just not all that much to it. Watching movies via youtube is iffy and isn't a substitute for seeing them on DVD. I spend time waiting while the video buffers, or I have to re-start a video which doesn't recover from an episode of freezing up. It's great for pre-viewing films, though. I've found some real gems this way. The Husband and I watched this one night when we were the only ones at home. We both liked it, though I laughed a lot more than he did. trailer:DVD Talk likes it. If you believe in the power of prayer, and you pray for someone to die, what do you think you have done? Attempted murder seems an apt description. And, of course, threatening the president is a criminal offense. Religion Clause has a link to the sermon the pastor preached. Religion Dispatches says,A look at the sermons of his virulently anti-gay pastor who's been praying for Obama's death, however, reveals similarities to a far right theology associated with militias, radical prolifers, and proponents of theocracy. James Fryar, FSSP. View a few selected photos. The deaths of close friends such as Katherine Howard, Countess of Nottingham, and loyal advisers such as William Cecil, Lord Burghley, probably contributed to the Queen's low moods and depression. Richmond Palace occupied a special place in the heart of the Tudors: it had been Henry VII's favourite palace. In March that year, however, the Queen fell into what Black terms "settled and unremovable melancholy". It concentrates on, and celebrates, the collective efforts of women's struggle for equality. Love and respect for women, ostentatiously, is celebrated while women's political, cultural and social achievements are recognised. The first Women's Days were held in the early twentieth century, and some observers nowadays regard International Women's Day as "redundant". Continuing inequalities persist for women. The customary form of insult directed against women is both sexually charged and explicitly gendered: "whore" or "slut".

I had to travel to Kansas early this week to attend a memorial gathering for a family member.

So I stayed overnight and used the opportunity to explore Sedgwick County Park on Tuesday morning. It had covered bridges! Neat! Sedwick County Park was a bit like Central Park. Except smaller and lacking in tall buildings and people. And hills.

"I was also not sure if Posh Spice is the sort of WAG we want at Ebbsfleet.

The club in question was called Ebbsfleet United. When I read this my eyes nearly popped out of my head! Luckily they didn't otherwise I'd have lots of trouble writing this blog. Maudetown's further expansion considered. It's all a bit 'pie in the sky' at the moment as space remains a limiting factor. The colliery extension is planned and the board constructed, while I await some spare time to start laying track. On the other side of the central, existing board, I'd like the NCB line to emerge from the tunnel into an exchange siding with the BR branchline. Over the weekend, I tried out some different configurations on my workbench, using a lovely Scalelink GWR station that I built a few years ago, plus a Townstreet goods shed. Including the latter is probably asking too much but the station should be well suited to the vaguely South Wales theme. This section is also intended to be operated as a standalone micro layout as well as an extension. There'll be some more hours of head scratching and sketching before the project goes any further. Meanwhile, here are some initial progress shots from the weekend. .