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Another point of trouble can be the ring's locating pin, and if you encounter difficulties with locating pins working loose, the source of the trouble nearly always will be in the exhaust port.

Making the port opening oval and chamfering its edges will prevent the ring from snagging, as these things ease the ring back into its groove as the piston sweeps back upward. Then the ring is free to rotate, and it quickly works its way around to catch the end in a port. Harley-Davidson says workers at its Kansas City plant will have to make concessions to keep their jobs. I have always enjoyed flying. Especially in small planes. My husband can fly, I even took a few lessons. We have a friend who took us to lunch one day. The women sat in the back and tried to talk in all the noise, find their houses, do allot of sign language, and take photos of the Tennessee River ways.

I tried to tell my hubby he was long, long overdue for a hair cut that morning.

But, that day it was more fun to go to Birmingham for a Burger. Three wonderful gifts!An Altered Vintage Box, a Scrapbook Ledger, and a Photo Album. I hope you will visit her blog and see the wonders. Sharon is a "most amazing" Hand Beaded Jewelry Designer. Your Bliss is sooooo incredible Sharon. A thoughtful gift.

Thank you my friend.

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A recent news story about the use of smart phones as heart monitors reminds me of an idea along similar lines that I recently had.

There are a variety of medical conditions, such as Alzheimers or a brain tumor, that cause a gradual decrease in mental performance, gradual enough so that the victim may not notice it. Early warning of such a condition could be very valuable. Many people, faced with a few minutes of boredom, pull out a cell phone and play a game. It should be straightforward to add to such a game the ability to monitor some simple measure of player performance such as reaction speed that, under most circumstances, is reasonably stable over time. If the measure trends down for longer than, say, a month, a message goes to the phone's owner, suggesting that he see a doctor. Just in case. Suppose, optimistically, that a year from now the current recession is currently over, the economy more or less returned to normal. The U. S. faced the risk of another Great Depression and was saved from it only by the prompt and courageous action of the Obama admnistration, in the form of stimulus and bailouts. The U. S. was going into a recession, as from time to time it does. The Obama administration used exaggerated rhetoric to misrepresent it as an impending catastrophe in order to justify an extraordinary increase in government spending financed by enormous deficits. The money was mostly spent on the sorts of things politicians like to spend money on. This year, Toyota aired a big ad campaign admitting that they screwed up big-time. Well, a few. But that needed recalling. The device that controls your engine's power output should work. Absolutely. But this business of the car with the messed-up throttles being unstoppable is proven to be poppycock. Even if your brakes wouldn't stop the horrendous power of the engine propelling the car, simply shifting to neutral would stop the power from getting to the wheels. Tiny Townie Penelope Has a Pencil. This line is called "Hoppy Poppy" and aren't they just the cutest bunnies! Stamp: Hoppy Poppy has a Prezzie Paper - MME - Miss Caroline/Fiddlesticks Dies - MFT Blueprints and Rectangle pierced die Pin It.


Hi David,Thanks for your honest response.

There was a period of time on Friday and Saturday during which one of our databases was not saving new postscorrectly.

They would be published initially, however, so the problem would not be apparent until the blog was republished later, or until another post was added.

If you're wondering why things are a little quiet here at the moment, it's because I'm working hard on a seminar on marriage.

Hopefully you'll see the fruits of it on this blog! In the meantime, here are some encouraging thoughts from Tim Keller on marriage: In any relationship, there will be frightening spells in which your feelings of love seem to dry up. So what do you do? You do the acts of love, despite your lack of feeling. "Mum, can you cut up my apple?""Eat it whole, sweetie. Can you cut it up?""No, honey, I'm too busy to cut up apples. ""Mu-um, I'm hungry. Until one day, my sister-in-law made a very helpful observation: "You say that a lot. " "I do? I guess you're right, I do say it quite a lot. I have had discussions with fundamentalist Christians where they denied the Bible upon which their convictions are supposed to be based. For instance, one Baptist argued with me that Adam wasn’t with Eve when she was tempted by Satan because no man would have allowed that to take place. He literally refused to accept it because, one, he had not been taught that was true, and, two, he could not conceive of it being possible. It couldn’t mean that the only other time it is used. What he had always been taught that this was a reference to the Holy Spirit. Considering this from the point of view of the church, let’s consider a couple of things. We are in the night of man’s existence. He is blind and stumbling about trying to find his way. Judas left to betray Christ and something important began for mankind. That reference to night was more than just an expression of the time of day. Consider these verses as perhaps more than just metaphorical. Paul knew in what dispensation mankind lived. yup, need more jackets. On a whim, I ordered these flush mount lights for my kitchen to replace the cheap pendants we currently have. We need more light!! And I actually really like the simple look of these. Mr. Once fired up the adjustments continued, fine tuning it like a well oiled machine. Electrics were tested, the charging system, hi & low beam headlight, tail light & brake light and of course the electronic ignition system. Aiming for a few hundred miles of proven road testing prior to delivery is John Dodson's mandatory policy. Ken & Johnny always runs through the bikes re-torquing fasteners where required. Wasn't That a Mighty Storm: sung by Tom Rush, with contemporaneous photos by Thomas A. Edison. The song says there was a sea wall, but that wasn't built until later. My favorite quote was one cop saying to his partner,You have the biggest dick I've ever seen on a man. So now I'm left wondering where else he has looked. trailer:I'm not sure how I ended up posting about this after I'd posted on The Crow, but there ya go. Excellent Homily by Archbishop Sample. Watch Video View Photos. Their marriage was a love match and it caused considerable controversy, for Mary's first marriage to the French king, Louis XII, had only recently ended through his death, and Brandon was not royal. Nor had Mary asked her brother, Henry VIII, for permission to marry. Mary was the youngest surviving daughter of the first Tudor king, Henry VII, and Elizabeth of York. The humanist scholar described the youthful Tudor princess as extremely "beautiful". Her charm and beauty was famous in Europe. m. gordyandjana. html I may not know some of you or remember those I should know. Pass the word on to friends. Please pray for me. This was a bit of a tough week. I'd been feeling run down and fatigued for the past few days, but I stuggled on Tuesday's hill workout. My legs felt very heavy, and I was wheezing. I have awesome teammates. They happen. But the same time there was a potential suspect. "in the show the 'Biggest Loser' is the loser actually the contestants or the viewer?. No sport on television. Hooray, say half the world’s population. All the men, however, say ‘noooooo’"Us human's are funny creatures. We really are. On face value we are very outgoing but deep down we are myopic and secular.

The festive season enabled my siblings and I to get together as many of us are already settled down with growing kids and work/reside in different states.

We hardly meet on other normal days. A great reunion time which also meant no music listening to my main hifi system for the entire week I was away.

Our overnight location was definitely gentrified.

The first lock takes you down, down underground between the concrete pillars supporting the tower block above… where someone has provided pictures in case you're bored. Actually, no chance of that in this eerie place. The lock gates were overflowing, to the point where we wondered whether we could ever empty the lock enough to be able to open the bottom gates. So we made good enough time to stop for a leisurely lunch and catch up with the snooker, before heading north to the junction with the Llangollen. At that point the wind threw a tantrum and caused one or two heart-stopping moments as we joined the queue to go up the first of the four Hurleston Locks. But we made it and tonight we're in new territory, on the first stretch of the Llangollen. This was the view from the window as we ate our evening meal. Now we're a day ahead of schedule, with the time to fit in a visit to a supermarket before meeting up with Ivan and Irene on Thursday. Assuming there are any supermarkets in this lonely stretch of God's earth. dll'. .