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Disclaimer: I did not get too graphic with the story, but it may not be something you want to read. Early Sunday morning I began to lose the mucous plug. Monday came and went without a baby.

For Wednesday and Thursday I was able to work from home because it was our staff retreat.

I was also convinced that I would be having the baby that Wednesday. Wednesday came and went with no sign of labor starting.

Early Thursday morning I awoke to contractions and experienced what is called "the bloody show.

MILWAUKEE, Feb. Wandell was named Chairman by Board action. "Keith is a transcendent leader who has done an outstanding job of guiding Harley-Davidson in a period of extraordinary challenge and transformation," said Barry K. The current program will be extended until Feb. But the Bulldog recently proved that its beauty is more than skin deep. At this year’s Bonneville Salt Flats land speed races, the Big Dog Bulldog, with its wind-tunnel tested aerodynamics, set a new world speed record. Thunder Cycle is Big Dog’s Oklahoma City dealer as well as an award-winning bike builder. i. because they found nothing against me deserving the death penalty. But when the Jews objected, I was obliged to appeal to Caesar, even though I had no accusation to make against my own nation. Those who cling to this idea are deluding themselves. Those who push the agenda are harming the Church and endangering their souls and those of others. ". The boredom of a sick and decadent "cult of death" has found a new source of entertainment in desecration of the Eucharist. A new video on YouTube taunts and threatens, the producer promising to go to Mass every day and smuggle the Eucharist out of the church in order to desecrate and videotape the sacrilege as a new source of amusement. You can request that YouTube pull the offending videos by visiting America Needs Fatima and using the on-line form provided. Blessings and thanks for your help,MCITL. This is my version of an easy paper flower instructional.

I used coffee filters and book pages.

The color possibilities are endless. The Duck Walking West is another of my Folksy Rustic side. I kept it simple and made one layer of papers. The chickens are going to get framed one of these days. "did" it get to be Friday already!!. One argument is over immigration, one over global warming. That is not entirely surprising, given that they have experienced the consequences of socialism at first hand. People who go to the considerable trouble of leaving the place where they grew up and moving somewhere very different are, by doing so, giving some evidence that they do not like what they are leaving. What is the point of "seasonal" decoration, if it's up all year?Labels: Gripes, lifestyle, public service message, You Do That In Public?. So I attribute the following to how low a politician can find it profitable to stoop:Greek Leader Considers Actions Against U. S. Banks Here are some choice bits.


Like operating profits, asset valuations could prove illusory, too. S. "“God told me to do it” is simply not an acceptable replacement for moral reasoning" Donald Symons. "I want to have a standard of living that my professional background would normally entitle me to have,” ". It is just more of the same. Empty posturing, badly thought through by people who seem to know nothing of the realities of modern medical practice. A load of public relations bollocks insisting that we must now “do something” along the lines of, did they but know it, what we have already quietly been doing for many years. So how does shit like this get written? Quite simple. And once all these parasites are installed you have to find something to occupy them. Still on a kale kick this week. Underhill was associated with two unsolved murders, including that of his wife, which could not be traced back to him. " LA Review of Books closes their review with this: "A ghost story about the incapacity of realism or modernism to address death, The Green Man deploys the resources of science fiction to disclose, however fleetingly, the precariousness and destructibility of existence. Now that’s a ghost story. ". A tragic tale of the failures of the justice system. I found it unexpectedly hard to watch. via Daily Motion:I Am A Fugitive From A Chain Gang by FilmGorillasBright Lights Film Journal has an article that includes this: "Fugitive is read today as a Depression-era critique of an oppressive system. Paul Muni explodes with rage upon hearing that his pardon has been denied, a moment that still sets one back in one's seat. Muni looks ready to start a revolution. The inhumanity and soul-crushing horrors of slave labor in the penal system, where the gruesome punishment didn't fit the crime, is neatly interwoven into a highly gripping plot that still holds up today. I've been driving by this flower garden in the golf course for weeks and finally decided to take its picture. I'm not sure what prompted the planting of this oasis, but I've enjoyed it. While I was there, I walked around in Audubon Park, which adjoins the Audubon Golf Course. I was particularly noticing the wildflowers on this walk: I did see some birds and squirrels and actually got a picture of the woodpecker. Do you see it on the trunk of this tree? The toadstools were so bright it looked they wanted to be noticed:The park is a wonderful place to walk, picnic, people-watch and just be out in nature while still being right in the middle of the city. You can tell from this map that it's right in town, not at all out of the way. Escape from New York is one of those movies I'll watch anytime. The last time I saw it was a little over a year ago while I was at Mother's. She wasn't doing well, so I stayed. I found this movie on one of her cable channels, so I watched it while she was abed. This time, The Younger Son put it in to watch while he ate lunch. It may say "Taylors Scottish Breakfast Tea" on the box, but The Husband and I had it before bed recently. Nice full-bodied tea. We drink tea black, so I can't say how well it would hold up to milk or sugar or lemon. The tea pot is Johnson Brothers Regency. This was our casual china for years and years until we bought our own dining room furniture which was slate topped in a black wrought iron frame. The white swirl pattern of the china didn't look good at all on the new table. The cup is one of a pair I bought at a church rummage sale years ago. This is one of the movies I've seen thanks to Mother's access to TCM. Miracle in the Rain is a slow-moving film and too sappy for my taste.

It stars Jane Wyman and Van Johnson.

This is one of Arte Johnson's earlier roles. Here are the opening few minutes:DVD Talk calls it "a truly odd movie" and says, "The film's only excuse for success is that it loves its characters and presents them all as deserving of a miracle.

" TimeOut says it's "much better than one might expect.

" The TCM overview is here. Audio recording of Fr. Masutti's sermon on the Most Precious Blood given at St. Crime and sin can be very similar. Certainly they overlap, and sometimes they are identical, i. e. murder is sin, and it is also a crime. Crime is a violation of the law. Sin is a violation of God’s moral law, God’s holiness. Today I would like to write to those of you who have passed from death to life and know it, but your life now is not made up of the same joy and peace that you had when you first crossed over. You would like to have that love and joy and peace in abundance again. It is easy to connect your present state with your present circumstances. Your environment and circumstances did not determine your peace then, and they do not determine it now. When you received Christ you were born from above. At that event all of your sins were washed away. Recently, Fidel Castro and his brother, General Raul Castro, said that they were against terrorism. General Castro said that if any of the El Qaeda prisoners escaped into Cuba, they would be captured and returned to the Americans. Che Guevara, the Argentinean guerilla leader who helped Castro take Cuba, knew the difference between guerilla warfare and terrorism. Here is his distinction in his book Guerrilla Warfare:“It is necessary to distinguish clearly between sabotage, a revolutionary and highly effective method of warfare, and terrorism, a measure that is generally ineffective and indiscriminate in its results, since it often makes victims of innocent people and destroys a large number of lives that would be valuable to the revolution.

It's a simple out and back that can be extremely fast unless you get a bad wind day.

Bad wind days happen frequently on Hains Point, but we lucked out today.

The wind was noticeable, but not horrible.

I ran this race both as a rustbuster and as a baseline fitness test. Recovery week. The first few days for me were pretty light on the fruits and veggies and sweet potatoes and lean meats, and heavy on the gluten-free cookies and turkey drumsticks with the skin on. Perfect nutrition might have been better for the body, but it was restorative to do a traditional ugly American Thanksgiving. As for activity, I _attended_ yoga the day after the race. Which doesn't mean I really participated in the class. I showed up at Tranquil Space, did the opening stretching bit, and then childs-posed my way through much of the rest of it, though I did do a few gentle lunges. It did feel good to move my legs through their general range of motion - probably much better for recovery than just laying around. There are several problems that I can note here, as lessons to others. First of all, while it does work well to do your outside run first, and then your pool-run, it really is most polite to shower between the two if you've broken any sort of sweat. Jumping straight into the pool is gross. Separate lanes really are best. It’s been a long time between drinks, as the saying goes. Or more to the point, a long time between blogs. I could use the usual excuse that I have been busy these past few months and as such I have been time poor to write blogs, or I could just ‘fess’ up and say I really didn’t think about writing another one. Whatever the case may be, the good news is ‘I’m Back’! There are so many things to write about that I truly do not know where to start. Indecisiveness kills the blogger. Things like Bronwyn Bishop’s ‘Choppergate’ affair and her being put on ‘probation’ by Captain Tony Abbott is something I could get my teeth stuck into. At times the whole incident is like a Laurel & Hardy sketch. This is what I do. You must understand that once I get home, all motivation to do such a thing will be lost. This is a game called Grudge. LAYLOCKFADECTL: Controls the amount of fading for objects on locked layers. SHOWLAYERUSAGE: Displays icons in the Layer Properties Manager to indicate whether layers are in use.

VPLAYEROVERRIDESMODE: Controls whether layer property overrides for layout viewports are displayed and plotted.

VPROTATEASSOC: Controls whether the view within a viewport is rotated with the viewport when the viewport is rotated. Vacuum tubesB. TransistorsC. Digital DividersD. HexadecimalB. EBCDICC. Machine LanguageD. .