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In our "travels" on the World Wide Web, we find many treasures. "Mojave Calling" is not specific to the Mojave Road, but it offers beautiful images of the amazing sights one encounters in the East Mojave. The date and leader of the first exploration of the San Bernardino Valley for the purpose of establishing a settlement here has been the subject of controversy for many years. Caballeria claimed that Dumetz had been sent to search for a good location to establish an inland mission outpost. According to Caballeria, Dumetz found the area around the Indian village at Guachama to be an ideal location. Guachama was located near the present-day intersection of Hunts Lane and Hospitality Lane in San Bernardino, along the Santa Ana River. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness,but will have the light of life. "Full of grace and truth," he came as the "light of the world," he is the Truth. "Whoever believes in me may not remain in darkness. To follow Jesus is to live in "the Spirit of truth," whom the Father sends in his name and who leads "into all the truth. " To his disciples Jesus teaches the unconditional love of truth: "Let what you say be simply 'Yes or No. I am currently working on the third edition, which I hope to have out, probably with my current publisher, sometime this year, and could use help updating the appendix. My wife suggests that it would be a good topic for a class in elementary school, since such calculations usually require nothing more than arithmetic and demonstrate one reason why arithmetic is useful. It occurs to me that it might also be a good topic for a book. In physics, economics, and I expect some other fields, these are sometimes referred to as “back of the envelope” calculations, because they can be, sometimes are, done on the back of an envelope destined for the waste basket. They use approximate data, approximate models, and are expected to give the right answer to within about a factor of ten in either direction. Along similar lines, American consumers are sometimes pictured as routinely buying a new car every two years. If the average car lasts two years, the cars currently on the road represent about two years' production. Dividing the first number by the second tells us that the average car lasts about eight years. Some of those, of course, are made by Japanese or Korean or European firms. It is unlikely, however, that water will enter the cavity unless there are faults in construction. The solution is to choose some alternative form of construction such as a thicker outer leaf, more suited to the position of exposure. The dubious argument is that freely flowing water may enter the cavity in sufficient volume and run down on to horizontal breaks in walls, such as openings, and cause damp staining. A strip of polymer based polythene, bitumen felt or sheet lead is used for the purpose. He didn't care for it.

I didn't care for it.

But we put up with the necessity of it, without hurting each other. Call it a win. I kind of thought that I would be receiving an ass-chewing about something that I did at the structure fire that I had gone to with him a couple of weeks ago. Instead, he just took me around to show me different types of structures and ask me what I saw about their construction that could cause problems with firefighting. He seemed pretty happy with my knowledge of construction. Thank you, high school Industrial Arts teacher. I believe that I'd like to get pretty good at this. My online pal Don Gwinn found that his boy had been taunted because of a situation that could have been prevented:Kane's class had a mock election yesterday. Kane voted for McCain. The rest of the day, the other kids taunted him and called him a racist. I'd like to say that I would have been this reasonable in my response to such a situation, but the truth is, my first reaction probably would have been to get fired up with anger toward the teacher for setting up such an incident.

Only after I had blown out might I have done as Don did, which was to see this for what it was: an opportunity to teach his son a valuable lesson that he could carry into manhood.

I believe that I've mentioned before that Don's on my Hero List. Buffalo Bore has made a name for itself in providing high-end, very powerful, semi-custom production ammunition. I first became aware of it when people like friend Rich Lucibella was using it and Garrett. But unfortunately, I'm not stalking through Africa for a big bull, and I'm not fly fishing in Alaska, amongst the big brown bears. When I need heavy. Hiya it’s me the Border Collie. I was bamboozled.

I was tricked into a car ride early in the morning.

We had been up and out earlier and were on our second sleep.

We often do that.

Shouldn't they be busy, absconding with the loot?Labels: crime, jeering.

I had the chance to visit India.

Visiting India is not as easy as I thought. You have to get a visa before entering the country. It is exciting for me as this is my first visit there. I flew from Kuala Lumpur to Chennai which took about three and half hours. Something that struck me as I read Joan Didion's The Year of Magical Thinking was how attitudes to dying and grief have changed. Joan Didion writes,Philippe Aries. "Death," he wrote, "so omnipresent in the past that it was familiar, would be effaced, would disappear. Chocolate, plain or with something crunchy in it. Driving on the open road, especially on the way to holidays. Holidays.

As you may have noticed, I've been collecting women's reflections on the year all their kids go to school.

I think I'm trying to smooth the transition when my youngest child, Andy, goes to school in a couple of years - forewarned is forearmed and all that! Here's what a friend wrote to me recently:I'm still finding mothering and homemaking heavy going this year. I feel like I've got a knot in my head that I can't unpick. I wish I knew why things seem so trying this year when really there's no new burden or disaster to account for it. I think partly it's because I came at the year with unrealistic expectations. E. was starting school and I thought this somehow meant that caring for a family of five would get magically easier. During the last two weeks, we've been away at Summit, the mid-year conference for our university Christian group, then at Phillip Island for a family holiday. It was great to have a break, because last term was very, very busy. suggests that women put sex on the to-do list. Graham Tomlin defines gluttony as getting food out of proportion, using food to do what it was never intended to do: fill the spiritual emptiness in our lives. Why on earth is gluttony a sin?. surely just eating a little too much is as harmless an activity as you can get?. And he said to him, Here am I. So he sent him out of the vale of Hebron, and he came to Shechem. Rather than telling you to give your entire paycheck to Christ’s work and destroy your testimony before your creditors and your family I believe this is a lesson of proportions. A person can give much but it is a small thing in consideration of what they have and another person may give what seems like little and it is all they have. When you think of gifts of not only money but time and energy you can see people who devote a huge amount of time to serving the Lord. A person working two jobs who manages to take time to witness, hand out tracts, or even street preach has certainly given more of his or her time than a retiree who devotes the same amount of time in actual minutes and seconds although both get blessed. Here, as I said, is a lesson in proportions. This should keep us from judging each other’s contributions. I remember the first time we saw this sign, headed South on Perkins, all the kids in the back seat. I pointed to it, then pointed out to the right, then said, "I wonder what's in that direction". Honestly! We get a kick out of that sign every time we see it. Do all books center on death and loss, or does it just feel that way to me these days? In this book, members of this man's social circle react differently to his death. from the back of the book:In Salthill-on-Hudson, a half-hour train ride from Manhattan, everyone is rich, beautiful, and -though they look much younger- middle-aged. But when Adam Berendt, a charismatic, mysterious sculptor, dies suddenly in a brash act of heroism, shock waves rock the town. But who was Adam Berendt? Was he in fact a hero, or someone more flawed and human?favorite quotes:The philosopher is one who practices dying, practices death, continuously, but no one sees it. It is trifles that constitute our lives. It is trifles that kill us.

There's no accounting for taste.

When The Bough Breaks is the first in the Alex Delaware mystery series by Jonathan Kellerman. It won the Edgar Award for Best First Novel. I read it because it was first in a series by a well-respected mystery writer and because it won the Edgar and read it despite the fact that the plot revolves around child endangerment and child abuse. I like the characters and the writing style but not enough to seek out others by this author while I still have so many books in my tbr stack. from the back of the book:Dr. Morton Handler practiced a strange brand of psychiatry. Among his specialties were fraud, extortion, and sexual manipulation. Handler paid for his sins when he was brutally murdered in his luxurious Pacific Palisades apartment. Hey everyone! This is my first TG caps blog, but don't worry, it's going to be good! I'm going to try to update daily and will only use the finest pictures and create awesome caps to go with them!. Hello folks! Sorry I did not write about my exploits this month, it has been supremely busy. I was up to much kink at Finishing school, at my christmas panto party and of course 'inside'. I hope the New Year brings me as much fun! Have a great christmas folks and I shall see you all on the other side.

L xxx.

Hello folks just to let you know there is a new interview with me out at a fantastic blog called spankplace.


So watch yourselves. The fellow sins against me seven times in one day. After each time during the day he says “I repent. ” After a few of these sins and the same number of “I repents” I begin to get suspicious that he is not really repentant. I am not allowed to judge the sincerity of his repentance. The seven times is again not the number seven only, but a lot of times.

In the last week I have encountered more gray eyes, all in fiction.

You may think that all I do is read fiction. The truth is gray eyes are everywhere. Here they are.

This is the best one from an O.

Henry short story. “Had a poet been inspired to pen just similes concerning her favor, he would have likened her full, clear eyes, with their white encircled, gray irises, to moonflowers. ”The next best. “Under the dark brim her hair, face and eyes were of a uniform grayish tint” Patricia Wentworth, murder mystery. The same eyes in the next two pages were “The light colorless eyes stared back straining” and “She fixed her light wild eyes on…” The next is from a western by BM Bower “A little ginger-whiskered man with cold gray-eyes. ”Authors must be reading each other’s books to be encouraged to find things which are not real. HELP in LT explains it as follows:TrustedDWG™ Drawing FilesDWG, DWT, and DWS files that are created with Autodesk applications and RealDWG™-based applications are trusted by Autodesk. When you open a TrustedDWG file, the following icon displays in the application status bar or the drawing status bar. enter here. Built by ZyWeb, the best online web page builder. Apart from Lindisfarne, the two musical highlights of the Middlewich Festival, for me, came yesterday. First was folk trio "Molly on the Run" from Scania, which may or may not be a part of Sweden – nobody seemed to know. The headline act on the main stage in the evening was "Ward Thomas", twin sisters from Hampshire who sing country – they're just back from some production sessions in Nashville. They were sensational. Got out my guitar on the towpath last night at Gailey. After a while Terry, on NB Josiah, moored behind us, opened their side hatch, heard the music, got out his guitar and we played happily together for an hour and a half or so. His wife Pat and a couple from the next boat along provided an appreciative audience. Terry has a great voice! Pat was lamenting the fact that impromptu sessions on the towpath like this seem to be getting rarer. .