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S. Motorcycle Industry Benchmarking Study. Harley-Davidson finished second, while Ducati and Triumph tied for third, followed by BMW and Yamaha, all of which scored above the industry average. Overall motorcycle industry performance also declined across a majority of the sales process activities tracked by the study, which led to lower PSI scores for thirteen of the fourteen major motorcycle brands. CCI is receiving product into their US distribution centers as this news is released.


We flew from Barcelona to London today and observed a number of things in the process of getting from our plane to our hotel near Paddington. The line for doing so took about half an hour to get through. Valuing the average traveler’s time at ten dollars an hour, that is ten thousand dollars a day worth of waiting time.

To be fair, many of those people, including us, have checked luggage, so some of the time would be spent waiting for luggage if it was not spent waiting to have someone glance at their passports, so call it five thousand dollars a day of wasted time.

Eliminating that waste would not require more person hours of checking, since in any case they have to check everyone’s passport. That ought to make marital mistakes less likely and so lead to a lower chance of divorce. The evidence, however, goes in exactly the opposite direction. Brinig's explanation is that cohabitation makes divorce less likely, but the sort of people who cohabit are less likely to stay married than the sort who don't, and the second effect outweighs the first. It is a possible explanation, but I am not sure it is the correct one, and she offers no evidence for it.

I have some data of my own, although the sample size is a bit small.

My first marriage was preceded by cohabitation and lasted about four years. The week before last, on Monday, the Tribe started blowing up my phone. He was given about two weeks to live. He said that he looked forward to it. He seemed in good spirits. We texted and emailed through Wednesday, but I had to work on Wednesday and Thursday, and was so busy, I wasn't even getting by enough to see my father in a rehab hospital, where he was mending from an infection in his ankle. It acts as an artery between water control elements and as a decorative accessory allowing the essential water flow for waterfalls and streams. I pulled out some grays and pinks and went to work using Dorothy the Dreamer Tiny Townie. you should! I have a fiskars cutter that I used for years. However, it wobbles sometimes and my layers are always perfect. I have started using the Perfect Layers Mini Tools with my cards. I always cut out my layers using my the handy Perfect Cutting Matte. Good morning. I am the trendsetter of the week over at TSG. so you will be seeing alot of me!! This week I am challenging you to make a card or project for the man/boy/son/etc. in your life. Masculine cards can be so challenging in a world full of embellishments and colors, so use this challenge to add to your stockpile of cards for the boys! For my masculine card I used the Happy Trails set. It's the cutest little set with some yummy sentiments. And do you see those clouds. She is challenging us to make a card with a summer theme! If you follow my blog you probably already know that I love me some Saturated Canary images. They are fun, sexy and just so darn cute! I have been waiting for a reason to use this Beachy Themed image from SC.

I used Copics to color her and it was so much fun to color.

I loved coloring her hair. Gary Burtless, an economist at the Brookings Institution, seems pretty sure that the relatively depressed levels of U.


business investment and employment have nothing to do with the alleged uncertainty over future tax and regulatory regimes.

Mark Thoma reports the story here. Editor David J Phillips does not hold a financial interest in any stocks mentioned in this article. continue reading…. Editor David J Phillips does not hold a financial interest in any stocks mentioned in this article. Apparently May has been designated "International Masturbation Month". Phew! And I almost missed it. One of the changes that I have seen over my years in the NHS is the increasing encroachment of management into the area of clinical decision making, not just in medicine, but in nursing as well. When I started in the NHS, management steered well clear of the clinical management of individual patients and allowed clinicians to get on with the job. Increasingly over the years this clinical autonomy has been eroded. We now have a move towards protocol driven care, with increasing restriction on the treatments we can offer and the drugs we can prescribe. This has been justified by the concept of risk management. Since the burden of indemnity has shifted from individual practitioners to Trusts, the Trusts feel they can minimise risk and liability by dictating practice. Unfortunately it has not worked. Some men are alive simply because it is against the law to kill them. Edward W. Howe. The perils of canvassing. Up till Saturday, I still didn't know what the actual route would be like, other than there will be muddy spots along the gravel road to the Marina Barrage. whatever that was. haha. Hospitality vs. Secular entertaining is a terrible bondage. " Great reading. Sermon illustrations are unnecessary - Sounds like my husband's preaching. A week ago it came, kicking its heels like a witless lamb. Spring. Didn’t it know it wasn’t due yet? We’ve been locked down in cold for months. We swap war-stories of coughs and runny noses, risk suffocation under layers of bedding, and shiver in the school yard as we wait for the kids to emerge from over-heated classrooms. Then it happens.

We step into the unexpected warmth of a northerly wind, and are forced to shrug off coats and scarves and woolly knits.

Grrr. Last year's burnout - and the resulting exhaustion and depression, which lasted into this year - was a clear sign that I've been doing too much. I've pulled out of a few things. This also has implications for in all honesty. Amen. If any man minister, let him do it as of the ability which God giveth… God has given us each different gifts and abilities which it is incumbent upon the rest of us to respect, as they came from God. Smyrna was another wealthy city in the Roman province of Asia, now the country of Turkey. The church, at this time, was poor in the context of the great wealth around it. Persecution against Christians was rampant. The reference to, “them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan,” has been used to refer to the strong Jewish population that fought the growth of Christianity there. Polycarp, student of John, and bishop of Smyrna was burnt to death there and supposedly the Jews’ fury was so great they violated the Sabbath to gather wood to burn him. Job replies to Eliphaz, wishing that his pain and the circumstances he has suffered were looked at fairly. He is overwhelmed with grief. Maybe, Job is asserting, Eliphaz does not understand just how much he is hurting or how awful this thing is. Job wonders if maybe he has not described his pain well enough or if he even has the words to describe it.

It was the battle cry of idiots.

We have had generations of Christians who have trashed their lives and hurt the lives of their children by replacing what is right and what does God want me to do with how do I feel about this or that. There is a problem with the human heart, at least the spiritual and emotional one we refer to when we talk about the seat of our emotions and desires. It is desperately wicked. Notice that this is written directly to this church. They have faith in Christ and the love the saints, their brothers and sisters in Christ. Remember, the saints at Colossae have been with the Lord now for two thousand years. The first modification was a radical frame rake job, followed up with one off gas tanks, rear fender, exhaust pipes, side panel treatment and much more.

Details, details and still more details.

Three Hands Press.

Octavo. Printed in red and black with black and white woodcuts.

Available in two editions:Standard Edition: Cloth hardcover with full color dust jacket.

The Photograph is one of Penelope Lively's novels. I love the way Lively writes and have several of her books on my shelves.

She spends much attention on the effect of the past on the present and the place of memory in our lives.

This is a quick, easy read, but thought-provoking. from the back of the book:It opens with a snapshot: Kath, at an unknown gathering, hands clasped with a man not her husband, their backs to the camera. Its envelope is marked DO NOT OPEN - DESTROY. But Kath's husband does not heed the warning. The mystery of the photograph, and of Kath's recent death, propels him on a journey of discovery in which he must peel back layers of their lives. I liked this one. It was an easy read and had likble, interesting characters. The setting is well-described so that I felt I could actually picture everything in my mind. I didn't like it well enough to seek out more of the author's work. I had never seen this movie, though I'd seen bits and pieces of it on tv through the years. I took it to The Grandmother's, who also hadn't seen it. A Streetcar Named Desire also stars Marlon Brando, Kim Hunter and Karl Malden. It is directed by Elia Kazan. I'm sorry it has taken me so long to see this. I think it would've made a great piece to explore as part of the high school curriculum.

trailer:Roger Ebert considers it one of the greats and says this of Brando's performance:you could make a good case that no performance had more influence on modern film acting styles than Brando's work as Stanley Kowalski, Tennessee Williams' rough, smelly, sexually charged hero.

Jay-J’s The Filipino Restaurant’s menu not just covers Grilled Chicken but also a variety of Filipino dishes - from seafood, to poultry, to meat. Most of them are owners family dishes recipes that are enhanced to the taste of our customers. We do not only assure that the food taste better than home cooking, but we make it affordable to all. Along with the appetizing dishes, what makes it enjoyable to dine is its restaurant ambience. Truly Filipino setting though modernized zen-style, the walls are adorned with bamboo to create a homey, even provincial ambience.

We are looking forward for more Jay-J’s The Filipino Restaurant nationwide or even world wide.

My Personal Review After our short visit in Wawa Dam, when we arrived in Quezon City were looking a good place to eat and to celebrate birthday of our travel/climb buddy ma’am Racky fortunately ma’am Weng remembered a restaurant offers a scrumptious Filipino delicacies in Timog but she can’t remember the name, she instructed the cab driver gave the directions. I thought that was a first class restaurant because as I noticed to the costumers wearing in business attire and at first I checked the menu I just smiled I thought the foods were pricey. We ordered Crispy Pata, Pinakbet, Sinigang Belly for our soup, and Puto Bungbong for our dessert. Above: Edward VI, portrait by William Scrots, c. After twenty-eight years, the beginnings of the Reformation, a brutal and excruciating break from the Roman Church and the rejection of two queens, Henry finally had what he believed was essential to preserving peace and stability in England: a male heir. Henry apparently wept with joy when he held the baby Edward following his birth. From the onset Edward was accorded a lavish lifestyle and excellent education afforded by his rank and status. He was initially placed in the care of Lady Margaret Bryan, who had also served his elder sisters, Mary and Elizabeth, during their childhoods. Until the age of six Edward was brought up 'among the women', although he was later taught by Richard Cox, Roger Ascham and John Cheke, as well as others, who instructed him in languages, philosophy, scripture, mathematics, music and liberal sciences. During these years he was close to his sisters, particularly Mary - despite the age difference of twenty-one years - and he is known to have informed her in a letter written aged nine: 'I love you most'. As Dale Hoak writes: 'Queen Katherine brought Edward and his sisters into the royal household as members of an intimate family, providing Edward especially with an affection and attention that found endearing reflection in his frequent letters to her'. Her Protestant faith probably also had an important influence on Edward's religious beliefs and experiences. We knew it would probably be unrealistic to expect just one car journey at the start or end of the boating season. Otherwise, the choice would be to wastefully equip Erin Mae, as well as the house, with those accoutrements we find desirable, or to embrace a minimalistic, not to say spartan, lifestyle for our cruising months. By the time you've included guitar, piano accordion, pressure cooker, bread maker, Magimix, all those bottles of herbs & spices, seeds & nuts, flour, sugar, rice, pasta and chocolate, pillows, duvets for visitors, tools, summer and autumn clothes, the car's looking pretty full, even though it's an estate. So there have usually been two trips, with the final one ending with a thorough clean, putting the boat to bed for the winter. This year there were extra clothes for the visit to Norway in May, and the small gas barbecue. Somehow we've shifted enough stuff onto Erin Mae to fill the car three times.

To be fair, it's actually worked out quite well, because we needed to be back home in the New Forest briefly last week, up near Mansfield at the weekend, home again this week and next week, and then back up on the boat towards the end of the month for some electrical work.

Probably. .