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As part of its annual summer sales meeting and its presence at the Sturgis® Motorcycle Rally, Polaris Industries Inc. "Our relationship with the Wounded Warrior Project allows Polaris and our dealers to support the men and women who selflessly sacrifice for our nation through their military service," said Scott Wine, Polaris Industries CEO.

We hope this donation helps these brave men and women return to the rich, active lives they truly deserve.

Ultima has expanded their application range with their popular Open Primaries. The option for four designs of outboard supports are also available for maximum horsepower transfer.

Hello, everyone! We finally have another video for you today! We decided to try a voice over this time.

Do you guys like it better? Let us know! Check it out here or at our YouTube Channel. Quite a long time ago, a libertarian by the name of J. Neil Schulman wrote a novel, Alongside Night. He is currently in the process of turning it into a movie. He asked me to play a bit role, and I have just returned from doing so. The invitation did not reflect any misguided belief in my acting ability—the role consisted of playing the King of Sweden for about ten seconds in a simulated Nobel Prize award ceremony. The reason he wanted me, pretty clearly, was that his protagonist is the son of a Nobel Prize winning free market economist. So am I—and I expect Neil believes he can get a little free publicity out of the parallel. Steve Landsburg has a recent post on capital gains taxation in which he makes one odd but arguably legitimate point while missing two other and, I think, more important ones. The result is that he gets the wrong answer to the question of how capital gains ought to be taxed. Judith Harris, in her very interesting The Nurture Assumption, argues that children's personalities are formed primarily by their peer group, not their parents, hence that parental child rearing has a surprisingly small effect on how the children turn out. She mentions, however, an interesting special case—where the family is the peer group. " I was struck by the number of people who seem to take for granted serious conflict between parents and children, both in their own background and in their concerns with what might happen if they had children. That doesn't fit my experience. I cannot remember any point in my childhood at which my parents did not seem more nearly my sort of people than my age peers. The closest I came to rebellion, at some point in my teens, was informing my father that I had been feeling put upon, had considered the division of duties within the family, had concluded that I was getting off very lightly considering how much more my parents had to do, and had concluded that my feelings were due to adolescence not unfair treatment. Tweet At the end of a wall at a stop end, at an angle or quoin and atjambs of openings the bonding of bricks has to be finished up to a vertical angle. A brick, cut in half along its length, is used to close the bond at an angle. If the narrow width queen closer were laid at the angle, it might be displaced during bricklaying. To avoid this possibility the closer is laid next to a header, as illustrated in Fig. Fig. I know there are hundreds of other posts on this subject. I have now tried it and it works! The last time I sent the motherboard off and spent some money to fix it. So with nothing to loose I thought I would give it a try myself. You will need the following. Spacers for under the motherboard to allow air flow underneath it. I don't understand the constant claim that the ability to equally use a firearm with either hand is undesirable. I practice shooting partly because I need to know that in a gunfight, I can do what needs doing.

While the chances of getting into a gunfight are small, the chances of me getting shot in a gunfight that I'm participating in are actually pretty high.

In Texas, a first DWI is a mere Class B misdemeanor, the lowest charge above a citation-worthy Class C. If caught, you will go through some mild setbacks, and then you're released with little if any stigma, sadly. Everyone knows this.

Yet some try to run, illustrating how alcohol will fog your brain to ludicrous proportions.

A drunk in an old pickup is going to try to outrun sober cops. Who are in well-kept pursuit vehicles. With radios. With backup. Riiiight. A very recent version of this involved a drunk weaving down the highway at just above the speed limit, with an officer known very well to me assisting another agency's lone pursuing patrol unit. Girl gets drunk. Girl gets drunker. Girl wrecks car. Girl calls boyfriend, who takes girl home. Girl fights with boyfriend. Boyfriend leaves. Girl gets drunker. Friend is out of town. It is ideal for flags flown daily in high-wind areas. Flies well even in rain and sheds water better than any other material. If this is the wedding dress, can you imaginewhat the rest of the event looked like?!I nearly died yesterday as I stumbled upon Atelier des Ours, a tiny boutique in Uzes, France. Oh to visit this little jewel someday!- but for now, that is what the web is for. The style is not for everyone, but you have to admire such a straight-on vision this artist has to design clothes exactly as she sees. I don't know a thing about her so just scroll through and enjoy and let your own creative nature get ideas. I know mine are a flowin'.

Another,"Why didn't I think of that?" moment: rolled baby tulleused as heads on the mannequins which made me think,wouldn't it be cool to use giant bee's nests for Spring!This entire site makes me want to run to the thrift store and startstock-piling clothes.

An easy enough to make wool hat. Be still my heart for these textures and color palette. Hello! I have so much going on in the next week. So I thought I better get caught up on some DT Work! This image is from Stretch n Bubbles. You can find "Windy Day" HERE. Also, Allison is having a fundraiser for a family member. I thtink the papers are from Basic Gray. The punch is from Martha Stewart. It's been a good day of blogging. And it seems like the day has not ended yet. Scott Sumner posts his most recent reply to me here: Second Reply to Andolfatto. Alright, time to take a step back and put things in some perspective. What exactly is my beef with NGDP targeting anyway? The somewhat surprising answer is: nothing, per se. I am, however, somewhat perplexed with many of those who strongly advocate NGDP targeting. I believe they are overstating the case for NGDP targeting. And in doing so, I believe that they are diverting attention away from the real economic and political forces that are potentially holding growth back. Rep. Word has leaked that Avatar director James Cameron is now consulting with U.


officials on possible solutions to the spill. Instead of Cameron, maybe its time to call in Moe, Larry, and Curly: “At yer service, day or night, we do the job and do it right. Consumers are eating out less in this economy — and when dining out they are choosing less expensive restaurants. With the price-value proposition shifting to the value side, Burger King needs to figure out how to retain customers — and their loyalty – in an industry dominated by burger pricing wars. Of course, such an inexpensive loyalty program makes no sense to management: and Chuck Murphree was told to do it management’s way – no more singing. Those suggesting that the object was a lawn edging tool are wrong, though I see the similarity. The object is remotely medical though more of a post mortem instrument than a therapeutic one.

And you have to think big.

It was also known as a blubber spade. In those days the entire whale could not be lifted onto the ship and the flensers had to do their job on the whale while it was still in the water. The instrument had a secondary use, that of fending off sharks attracted to the carcass. The excited chatter and preparations turned the usually quiet gathering point into a hive of activity, with a few curious onlookers soaking in the atmosphere too. Other than the trainees, a capacity team of Trainers and Running Guides were on hand to provide support and management of the run. The registration desk was signing trainees orderly, while small groups had gathered to discuss their plans for the night, others were taking photos and wondering what the night had in store for them. Solomon speaks here of what we all have seen, the uncertainty of events, and that in spite of all of our talents and preparations things do not always go as planned. From our point of view, in this life, randomness tends to look like it is in charge of things. However, when we study the book of Job we see clearly that nothing, not even the minutest process of nature, happens without God’s direct intervention. By this, the idea that your will can produce any desired consequence without God’s permission or direction is laughable. Some people, brainwashed by the popular culture and a dualism from Asia, think that evil is the absence of God. But, they are wrong. In the context of the verse following we have evil or violence and disaster in opposition to peace, as light is in opposition to darkness, but all by the hand of God’s permissive or directive will. A certain kind of woman does pursue men they find attractive for illicit liaisons regardless of their own marital status or the man’s. They are low-life, ill mannered, and wicked, whether they claim their reason is unhappiness in their current situation or not.

They don’t care about breaking up a home.

They just care about what makes them happy for the moment. They often are the kind of woman that is said to, “speak their mind,” or to not have a filter, so to speak. Some people regard these types of women as ideal although their intentions and their behavior are rarely something that would build trust in any reasonable person. To be honest, I only bought this because I was looking for Christmas-related mysteries. I'd never heard of the author, and I didn't expect much from the book. I am so pleasantly surprised. Nicely written, there are well-developed characters, a setting you can envision easily from the descriptions, and a plot that brings you right into things. I'm going to be making an effort to find more by Babson.

I say "making an effort" because my local bookstore has nothing by her on the shelf.

I'll be looking online to see what's in print. from the back of the book:A string of grisly holiday murders had London terrorized. We have a practice of tradition-accumulation. We do something, like it, then declare it a "new tradition". The casserole works well when cooked the night before, refrigerated, then heated for serving in the morning. Drain, crumble and set aside.

Lay crescent rolls flat in the bottom of the pan.

The Daughter and I had never been to The National Civil Rights Museum, even though I grew up in Memphis and was downtown when Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated. For me it always seemed a hard thing -to tour the site where it happened. They've recently done a major renovation and added new exhibits, and it seemed like maybe it was time to explore the place. As you enter the motel the history begins with displays about Africans brought to North, Central and South America as slaves. Then there's an overview film. The exhibits which cover the history of post-Civil War re-construction and Jim Crow laws in the South are detailed.

There's really too much there to name.

It stars John Saxon, Basil Rathbone, Dennis Hopper and Forrest J. Ackerman. You can never go wrong with John Saxon, but you can certainly not go wrong if you add the rest of that cast! The background art for the opening credits is a strking display of period artwork. The credits say the titles are from the paintings of John Cline, and there's an example of the work at the bottom of this post. It sounds like there's a theremin in the score, which adds to my joy. Queen of Blood is the best out of these re-edited Russian films. This probably due to the fact that, more than the other films, it largely creates its own film and uses the Russian film footage for only occasional special effects shots in the background. And we will always find someone who we consider worse off than ourselves, and we will feel proud. St. Paul says he does not even judge himself. He leaves that to God. Hello folks, I know this is showing off my darker side, but we all have one, correct?! The English Mansion Summer Ball. This event is rather special and I must say I am privileged to have been invited. My first films as a sub were with Miss Marchmont, which, as we all know, was under Mistress Sidonia's direction.

I have visited Winchester several times.

Lady Alice Lisle was the last woman to be beheaded in England. The unlucky women that were executed by beheading in English history were mostly queens: Anne Boleyn, Katherine Howard, Lady Jane Grey and Mary Queen of Scots. Margaret, Countess of Salisbury, niece of Edward IV and Richard III, was beheaded at the age of sixty-seven. Now the Bereans were of more noble character than the Thessalonians, for they received the message with great eagerness and examined the Scriptures every day to see if what Paul said was true. Their authority was the Scriptures, and they searched them. Teachers today encourage their students to be like the Bereans. They tell their students where to look in the Scriptures. Sure enough, the students look up those verses and realize that their teacher is telling them the truth. They have not searched the Scriptures! They have been led into thinking that they were searching Scripture when they were just given more teaching. It is not wrong for a teacher to give Scripture. It is wrong to think that the teacher’s veracity is validated when the student has been given the teacher’s own texts. "His purpose was to create in Himself one new man out of the two, thus making peace, and in this one body to reconcile both of them to GOD through the cross, by which He put to death their hostility. Paul. The hostility spoken of here is that between the Jews and Gentiles. When people are reconciled to God by the cross, their hostility is put to death. It is done away with. One of the characteristics of human life is knowledge of that life. We can declare that as an axiom, without proof. We have not yet met anyone who was unsure that he was alive. There are many other evidences of life besides knowledge: eating, sickness, breathing, and sleeping are a few. There is a parallel truth in the spiritual life. Someone who is spiritually alive should have knowledge of that spiritual life. However, there are also other evidences to that life just as there are to physical life. It is the most AMAZING trailer I have seen, but my loss could be your gain if your up for a project. My husband isn't and I am reluctantly putting it for sale, because it deserves to be loved and restored by someone who will appreciate it's magnificent self as much as I do. So I hope you didn't get tooo excited, because as you can see it needs SOME work. The rear corner kitchen could be amazing. Rafe and myself, post-easy run. Big week. Work trip to Tampa, then a trip to Austin to race. It's fun to look at my paces for this week, and realize just how much weather affects pace. Sometimes an adult will tell me, “I like math.

” And I look at them incredulously, and I say, “Really?” “Yes, it always came so easy to me.

” This is a horrible reason to like math. Students sometimes ask me if I like math. They wonder whether or not I go home and solve equations all night. And I say, “If you think that’s what math is, then no, I don’t like math. I don’t go home and solve tons of equations every night. What I do like is problem solving. After we arrived home late yesterday afternoon, there was a fair amount of sorting out to do, and it was dark before I got out the car keys. I stood at the front of the boat, and pressed the button on the key fob, hoping to see an answering wink from the car. Nothing happened. The Focus seems to use more than its fair ration of electrons when you'd think everything was turned off. I thought about going up to investigate, but if I wanted to try starting the engine I would have to disconnect the panel, and I was interested in knowing whether its green activity light was still lit before I did so. A board informs the visitor of the project, and I thought it was worth reproducing some of the text. "Local residents and a host of volunteers worked tirelessly to help replant her Gold award winning garden 'A Stitch in Time' in St John’s Gardens in the heart of Manchester. With a focus on providing a respite for urban dwellers, the garden is a green oasis. It offers an escape from the hectic surroundings of the city, with handcrafted benches inviting a moment to relax. I have a B.


I am taking a certification class in Visual Basic. I have some experience in C/C++, but not for Windows programming. Thank you so much. To be hired as a Windows programmer, what programming languages do I need to know?It depends on where you're hired. .