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Couldn't resist snapping some behind-the-scenes images from last week's product shoot for nougat.

spring is just around the corner, yay! ✂︎.

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Not much to say today, these are just so pretty.

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Paul Krugman summarizes these concerns nicely in his NYT article today: Will China Break? Mark Gongloff earlier asked the million dollar question here: China's Shadow Banking System: The Next Subprime? Hmm.

P. S. g. Editor David J Phillips does not hold a financial interest in any stocks mentioned in this article. DZ is back at work. Couldn't stay away from the coal face. Way back in March, we have conducted a couple of information workshops and a lead-up run to bring awareness of the event to our Singapore marathoners. Drawing references from racing weight management gurus like Matt Fitzgerald, I was keeping tabs on the high-sugary night snacks I was regularly taking as well and doing longer endurance runs at our FatBird training operations starting from April. This is a reference to those persons who have an angry spirit, who are wrathful by nature, and short tempered by habit. No man or woman’s angry nature does anyone around them any good. When you meet a person who always seems to have a pot boiling just beneath the surface, ready to explode into fury and rage, avoid that person like the plague. If you know a person like that pray for them and do your best to get away from them. 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I was going to run this race, and run it well. And I was feeling optimistic about that goal – my workouts have been going well. Or am I showing my age. Sometimes, though, there's an element of surprise. I was expecting a few bits 'n' bobs from Model Rail HQ, plus some couplings that I'd ordered, but which of those was it? Well, when the rescheduled delivery took place, I was excited to note the Liverpool postmark on the back, so I knew it must be a Hatton's LMS Bayer Garratt! As you can imagine, it's quite a big box - and quite a big engine - and certainly looks impressive once it's out on the workbench. This sample had got bashed about a bit in the post, so I've had to fix a few of the delicate parts, especially the valve gear and reversing rods. I'll soon be unleashing the weathering paints onto this model, aiming for a typical pre-war look. We were in Market Drayton about five years ago, when we first looked at the possibility of owning a narrowboat. Mike sold me a British Waterways pre-payment card that worked the BW pump-out machine – a lot cheaper than the average boatyard or marina would charge. We will be moving to Ventura county in a month. If you are looking for a new school in California for your kids. How do you get to choose w/c school is good?The API is a starting point, but also look at the other statistics gathered on these sites such as class size, demographics, etc. And talk around the area where you want to live to other parents and Realtors. .