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It improves the sound quality, giving it a deeper, richer, lower-toned rumble. The stock core is a solid tube. This replacement core is a perforated design with high tech glass pillow packing. Riders have the option of choosing their sound levels based on a variety of disc and end cap configurations. The Gospel story of the rich man's plea for water as he gazes longingly upon Lazarus who rests in the bosom of Abraham is a warning, but not against riches. Whether rich or poor, we live as trees planted beside flowing waters when our actions are rooted Eucharistically in the love of Jesus Christ, a giving and fraternal love for others and God. The rich man refused to share his bounty with Lazarus despite his knowledge that the poor man needed food. No matter in what season of life we find ourselves, old or young, rich or poor, it is not what we have that determines life but how we live with what we have. "I, the LORD, alone probe the mind and test the heart, To reward everyone according to his ways, according to the merit of his deeds. " The Lord invites us to share in His love by deeds. When our actions flow from the Eucharist they always have God's love as source, that "fountain welling up to eternal life". Thursday of the Second Week in Lent. It is a book I want someone to write. The three groups are in many ways similar, in many different. Each has, for substantial parts of its history, been effectively self governing, imposing its own rules on its own people with or without the permission of the government over it. Each imposed constraints on its members that might be expected to make them want to exit the group, and each found ways of keeping most of the members from doing so. All of the Amish and many of the other two groups ended up in North America, a more tolerant and accepting environment than those they experienced in the past. The Jewish group has mostly dissolved in the wider culture–only about ten percent remain orthodox, and many even of the orthodox are more nearly a part of the surrounding culture than most Jews were a few hundred years ago. Only the more extreme factions, such as the Hasidim, retain the traditional pattern of cultural separation. The Romani, as I interpret the evidence, are a little farther behind on the same path. I have seen two sorts of defenses offered for the virulently hostile response that many people gave to Steve Landsburg's recent post. One is that one shouldn't talk about rape, or shouldn't use it in hypotheticals, because it will rouse bad memories in people who have been victims of rape or for other reasons along similar lines. I find that argument unconvincing, and suspect that most of those using it would reach a different conclusion if they were doing the talking and expressing the proper views on the subject. The other defense is that Landsburg was not offering an interesting puzzle, since the answer was obvious, hence that the only explanation of his post was that he was trying to shock people, and trying to shock people by talking about a sensitive subject is juvenile and rude. Alternatively, that Landsburg was not offering an interesting puzzle but thought he was, which shows how stupid he is. Hence this post. When I look out the window and see the light in a neighbor's window, the fact I can do so shows that photons whose existence he caused have trespassed on both my property and my retina. We don't see that as obviously wrong. Why? One obvious answer, although not the only possible one, is that the trespassing photons do no damage—we would react differently if what was trespassing was a megawatt laser beam. But that answer gets us back to Landsburg's puzzle: If physical trespass to someone's body did no damage, would it also not count as a violation of the victim's rights? More generally, how do we figure out what rights, in property or anything else, who has? In my view, anyone who thinks that problem is trivially easy has not thought very hard about it. Any philosopher who thinks so should find another line of work. , with brown hair and brown eyes. Johnson is known to frequent the southwest area of Detroit. ". As I thumbed back the hammer to single-action the brain pan of the giant man-eating hog, my sleep-time Airweight hammer spring showed so much resistance that I couldn't make the cocking notch. I finally woke up with the boar unshot, and me on a higher limb of the tree that I was in. MOST unsatisfactory, for a guy who just wanted to put dream bacon on the ground. That super-heavy dream trigger has happened so often. I guess it's a "nightmare," but up until then, it was just exciting, not scary. With the heavy trigger, the dream grew very frustrating. I woke up right after. it spreads. My co-worker came into the police department this morning to relieve me. While I finished up on a DWI report, he checked his web-based email, which popped up the news. “So,” he said with what I perceived as a smirk, “New York state has made it legal for gays to marry…!”“Good. Maybe we’ll be next,” I said. “I know, right?!?” said my conservative, VERY hetero, recently-married cop buddy. that I keep poultry in my little back yard in town, is it?Or that we named them?Clockwise from the top: Pot Pie, Yolky, Lulu, and Bock-Bock. Lulu is the head of the pecking order, and we thought that Bock-Bock would never fit in, because we got her last, and for the first week the others pecked at her. We had originally gotten four chicks as un-sexed birds. It's hard to tell gender until they're mostly full grown. We didn't want roosters, because we would be unpopular with the neighbors. We found that one of our original four was a rooster, and took him back to the feed store to trade him for a pullet, which we brought home in an empty yellow Shiner Bock case box. Driving around, I see flocks of sheep and herds of goats, watched over by sheep dogs. I don't know much about sheep, goats, or dogs that watch over them, beyond what I personally have observed in passing. They seem to appreciate the solitude of a certain away-ness from other animals, including their charge. They also appear to ignore the animals that they guard, lying on the ground like alpaca rugs. But approach the fence, and they'll get up on their feet. Keep standing there, or start to enter the pasture, and they'll bark at you. They will keep barking at you as long as you remain what they consider a possible threat to their charge. Back away, go get back into your car, and they'll lie down with their eye on you. Their thick coats are universally matted, and they look a little slovenly, and because they lie near the flock or herd, they appear lazy. "I'm beginning to wonder, with all the school shootings, if I really did pick such a safe, mundane field for regular activity," quipped my rather funny, generally empowered, fast-talking young mother of a professor. I waited a second before quick-glancing the room. I spotted two other guys wearing cover garments that were a little too warm for the packed classroom. One of them I know works full time for a larger P. D. I don't know where the other guy works. Neither one of them were, in my estimation, carrying the last time we met for class, two weeks ago. O.


Hello! Anybody else happy that tomorrow is FRIDAY! Oh yea! I can't not wait to be off for the weekend. We have hardly any plans and I hope it stays that way. My house is in terrible need of a good cleaning. My Hubby is taking the son to some boat thing on Saturday, my MIL is taking my daughter to a Fancy Nancy thing at Barnes and Noble. I love cranking my iTunes and cleaning. I would much rather do it without them here! When they are here things just never seem to get clean, KWIM. I plan on laying by the pool for a while Saturday and Sunday. anyway, here I try this blog/website thing again. Some of y'all may remember my website, kalabro. A few years ago, our family of six left a congregation full of parents with young children, and joined a church made up mostly of university students. But it’s made me aware of some of the benefits and costs of going to church with people from a different age and stage from your own. It’s easy to spend your entire life going to church with people just like you. Many of us start out in our parent’s church: a place, perhaps, with lots of other kids and teenagers. This post continues from last week's post on busyness and time. What I'm learning. This has been a humbling realisation for me. I'm ashamed to admit that part of me longs to do something of such significance for God that I'll be remembered after I die. What an empty goal, and how unlikely! Most of us won't be remembered beyond a couple of generations - if that! - and this is the way it should be. My life is short and soon over. It's God's name, not mine, that will be remembered, and I wouldn't have it any other way. I failed writing school. Last Saturday I went to The Faithful Writer conference. Mark Treddinick, whose book The Little Red Writing Book is the reason I flew to Sydney, spoke on "Writing: A practice of faith and doubt", and winsomely reminded me to replace every cliche with my own words. My bloggy friend Nicole's dad, Trevor Cairney, led a seminar on "Writing for children", which made me want to write all the children's books waiting in my mental wings. Do you think this blogger, used to writing short posts every day, could perform this simple task?Unfamiliar surroundings. Elihu admonishes Job to consider God’s amazing works, to focus his mind on them. Job, and mankind in general, don’t understand why or even how God does things. The Bible is not a science manual, explaining how processes work, but explains why processes work, in that God causes them to do so. It is the task of mankind to attempt to understand the intricate details. We had Thanksgiving dinner with The Newlyweds at their home, and they served me hot cider in that adorable little bluebird cup pictured above. The Newlyweds' invitation was a God-send. As we say good-bye to the fall season and dig deep into our anticipation of Christmas, I'm trying to be mindful of everything I have to be thankful for. I need to release the sadness and embrace the joy. It's just so much harder than it sounds. Please join the goings-on at Bluebeard and Elizabeth's T Tuesday gathering. Share your drink of choice and enjoy the fellowship. I remember the first time I saw this. It was on TV, and we recorded it on VHS tape, but we never saw it aired on television again.

As the tape began to show its age we started looking for it on DVD.

After years of searching we finally found it, and The Husband bought it for me for Christmas one year. One of the songs is Four Pence A Day. This is the only video clip I can find: The dancers are so expressive you don't need words to know the story. St. Rimondi Arthur Arbesser Attico Barbara Bui Chloe David Koma Dries Van Noten Etro Francesco Scognamiglio Gareth Pugh Giambattista Valli Givenchy Isabel Marant Which of these striped shifts do you deem most chic? CC is loving the Chloe! xoxox, CC. God’s view of righteousness in society is that it is meant to have a positive effect on society: “You are the salt of the earth. Salt is not to be ineffective. Salt that does not have the characteristics of salt is good for nothing. Light that is hidden is not light.

Men do not praise God for the bad deeds in Christians’ lives.

There are two events in biblical history which take this truth to two opposite extremes. One is the destruction of Sodom, and the other is the minor defeat of Israel at Ai. In the case of Sodom, God had promised the safety of a very wicked city if ten righteous people were found in it. At one time, we were created in the image of God. We lost the part of our God-likeness that had to do with true righteousness and holiness. Jesus came to earth to restore that likeness. One more hard week to go in my Chicago training cycle, and then taper. This cycle seems like it's gone by pretty quickly. I think a lot of that is that I've always run my fall marathons in late November, so tapering in September just feels weird. My breathing continued to improve this week, showing that the shift in asthma meds was the right choice. I was taking my antihistamines in the morning, but I noted some sluggishness, so I decided to shift to taking them at night, which seems to help. “It could be said, however, that one of our greatest antiquities is indeed the Australian Prime Minister!…. I often find it amazing, that when I am in England, how the variety of programmes differ from that which is seen in Australia. Chefs such as Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsay and Ainsley Harriott are far better known than members of the British government! In fact, every single day of the week there would have to be at least two or three cookery shows on offer to us the viewer. Obviously, the public must be following the recipes judging by the widening waistlines of the vast majority of Britons!However, there is another category of shows that are extremely popular here in the Mother Country. These are ones that relate to antiques. Since being over here I have noticed that there are five regular antique shows on television. Both fairly gleamed in the sunlight. As neither package was intended for fitting to the other, it has taken a bit of work to marry the two together satisfactorily. However, the major assembly work is now out of the way and, once the inside of the coal bunker has been fitted, I can start adding the smaller details. Another Golden Oldie gets the upgrade treatment. After the recent enjoyment of building and detailing a Dapol/Airfix oil tank wagon, I've dug out a few other old kits from my collection.

Indeed, these recent forays into plastic wagon kit-building has helped me roadtest some new plastic glues for Deluxe Materials - a full write-up of which is to appear in Model Rail soon.

Negotiation is an art of war in subtle form.

Sometimes, as a buyer, the position you are taking in negotiation will determine the strategy you will apply and the other party will also be on the prowl to carefully study your real position. If as a party involve in a negotiation, and you have done your thorough research on the issue and strength and weakness of your position and the opposition position,you tend to be either very confidence or you may be aware of the traps and hurdle you are going to face and adopt a cautious approach. Undertaking a research to your negotiation case and be prepare will be the best defense or attack strategy you will choose to make.

What is passive negotiation strategy? As the word "passive" by itself, it mean to be taking a quiet or low or no response strategy and keep all your thought to yourself.

In passive negotiation, you may either participate in the negotiation by being a listener and reserve your statement of intend or proposal to a later stage. You may also not directly involve in the negotiation but are represented by your subordinates or appointed agent.

Recently i am lucky enough to apply this strategy! A particular supplier came calling for appointment with me and the key agenda was to propose a price increase.

Edit: Of all the silly things I put "Horse carriage" instead of "Horseless Carriage" in both title and text.

Now corrected.

That's what it said at the top of our bus tickets to Grassington today: "Horseless Carriage services". Friendly pilot Joe's style matched his smile. .