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Getting the job done right, but fast, is important to any professional service technician. “The open end features a patented speed wrenching configuration that delivers more speed and accessibility than conventional wrenches. Our new speed wrenches are a ‘must have’ for every service tech’s toolbox. snapon. In countless hymns and antiphons expressing this prayer, two movements usually alternate with one another: the first "magnifies" the Lord for the "great things" he did for his lowly servant and through her for all human beings the second entrusts the supplications and praises of the children of God to the Mother of Jesus, because she now knows the humanity which, in her, the Son of God espoused. But Jesus never fails to respect the holiness of this day. He gives this law its authentic and authoritative interpretation: "The sabbath was made for man, not man for the sabbath. The sabbath is the day of the Lord of mercies and a day to honor God. "The Son of Man is lord even of the sabbath. But Iraq has a multi-party parliamentary system, and neither coalition has close to a majority of the seats. In order to form a government, either one of them needs a coalition with one or more smaller parties. The fact that one party has two more seats than another has almost no effect on its ability to do so.

So far as I can tell, the only effect is that the rules let the largest party make the first try at forming a coalition—but there is nothing that prevents its rival from trying to reach agreement with enough other parties to make that first try failIs the excitement over a purely symbolic issue—which coalition can claim to represent the Iraqi people? Is the right to try to assemble a majority coalition first that valuable? Or am I missing something?.

Even if I succeeded I don't expect Eeep would run WoW very well, given the machine's constraints. No doubt my MacBook, deliberately left at home, would do everything somewhat better. But it also weights more than twice as much and is considerably less convenient to carry around or use in the cramped space of an airline tray. It's also true that the keyboard takes some getting used to—I find myself hitting caps lock instead of shift from time to time—but I expect that problem to get less serious with practice. We wondered around the Ellis Courthouse on the square. That's a beautiful courthouse, and I'm picky. Every time that I go to a Texas county that I've never visited before, I try to get a size-up of their courthouse. Some have retired their old courthouses but still keep them for other uses. Some counties share their judicial district with another local county, and thus use their that county's courthouse. See? The coffee's brewing. " Well, yes, that's technically true. I like coffee. And breakfast. I slept through all four stages of sleep, without an antihistamine to help. I dreamt, vividly. I don't care if you think that the Middle East is made up of nothing but terrorists, you're going to have to admit that the food is good. Boil the chickpeas. They never soften them enough at the cannery. Once they begin to crush easily, drain them, cool them, and put 'em in your cheap food processor. You might save some of the bean broth. Put in the tahini, lemon juice, salt, garlic, and pepper. Process it untill it has about the consistency of thick dip. A relationshipExists, Between those who batheAnd those with warrants. Labels: day at the office, Haiku. Labels: Blogger, yay us. Yes, I've slowed up, as of late. But it's doing work that I like, and the training promises to be interesting.

It's called "ALERRT" training, and is a crash course in how to intelligently and quickly react, as the first responder to an active shooter or a terrorist event.

If you loved the Gnomeo and Juliet Movie, you will simply adore having these little friends frolicking between the plants of your own garden. Good morning. First I wanted to remind you, if you haven't signed up for my BLOG CANDY do so soon.

Today I am sharing with you a card using a Saturated Canary image.

Love these images, Krista is one of my favorite artists. This little one has been done for quite some time now. This is the card that broke my sewing machine too! lol You can see the stitching isn't quite right, I think the tension was way off. I should just take it in and have it looked at. Instead I went and bought a Janome Sew Mini. By way of contrast, the U. S. I figured that my previous post might stimulate an interesting debate on the relative merits of NGDP targeting. Scott thinks I'm wrong for many reasons. Government price indices don’t measure the prices that are of macroeconomic interest. Eldest son, watching a TV programme about the Apollo missions, "Wow dad, I'd like to be shot into space" DZ, "If I had had my wits about me son, you would have been. ". I was pleasantly surprised by the large turnout as the location wasn't the most accessible nor easy to get to. Elihu admonishes Job to consider God’s amazing works, to focus his mind on them. Job, and mankind in general, don’t understand why or even how God does things. The Bible is not a science manual, explaining how processes work, but explains why processes work, in that God causes them to do so. It is the task of mankind to attempt to understand the intricate details. Notice that this is written directly to this church. They have faith in Christ and the love the saints, their brothers and sisters in Christ. Remember, the saints at Colossae have been with the Lord now for two thousand years. They know the grace of God in truth. Large octavo. Black-and-white photos and illustrations. Sylvan edition: Cloth-bound hardcover. Serpentine edition: Full leather with slipcase. A woman and her husband bring their own adopted son back to the now-closed orphanage where she lived happily as a young child. They plan on living there and turning it into a home for handicapped children. Her son soon starts reporting games and conversations with new friends the parents have never seen. This movie is a sad and haunting story without any gore. trailer: Empire Online calls it "A good old-fashioned horror in the best possible way, this is a beautifully told, terrifying ghost story that lingers with you long after the shivers have stopped. " Time Out calls it "the most frightening ghost story since ‘The Others’. We spent almost all of this past week at Petit Jean State Park in Arkansas, and I wish I had a better camera and was a better photographer because that shot above is the first picture I took. There are cabins and a campground, but we stayed in one of the lodge rooms: The room was very small, but we weren't planning on spending much time there -did I mention the views? These are pictures taken on the drive up to the lodge: and this is what you see as you go towards the rooms from the parking lot: We ate several meals in the lodge restaurant, and this was the view from the tables: There are people on that rock outcropping in the picture directly above. We never did figure out how they got there, but we had fun watching them and trying to get a photo that would show them.

They keep the hummingbirds well fed: The park has an interesting history.

Mather Lodge is named for the first director of the National Park Service, who was the director at the time of the land's acceptance as a state park. Now that we have the DVD, though, we watch it every year. The Polar Express is based on a book that none of us have read. The film is a tribute to faith, of believing without having to see. "The bell still rings for me. " trailer: Moria says,The performances captured are fantastic. Robert Zemeckis directs the film with epic dramatic flourish and attention to the minutiae of detail. from the back of the book:Short-listed for the Booker Prize, Morality Play is a medieval murder mystery full of the wonders of the time - and lessons for our own time - by a master storyteller. It is a cold winter in the fourteenth century, and a young renegade priest, Nicholas Barber, joins an acting troupe who prepare to play the drama of their lives. Breaking the tradition of only performing religious plays, the group's charismatic leader, Martin, wants them to enact the brutal murder that has torn apart the rural village into which they have wandered. A young boy has been found dead and the weaver's daughter has been arrested and stands to be hung. As the troupe delve deeper into the circumstances of the murder, they find themselves entering a dark world of intrigue that may prove their undoing. Taut and suspenseful, Morality Play is an exquisite work that captivates by its power, while opening up the distant past as new to the reader. I can't tell you how many times I've passed by this sign just off the road at Park and Cherry at the Memphis Botanic Gardens entrance. I've wondered what it was all this time and finally pulled over and went to check it out. This is a pretty little garden with a bit of paved walkway. "The marker sits in the midst of a specially-designed garden bed, stylized to represent the stars and stripes of the American flag. "Blue Star Memorial markers are placed in honor of the armed forces of our nation. The Book View Cafe Blog knows what killed it:. bad voice – bad, bad, bad, bad, bad voice. There’s a peculiar sort of tonedeaf sci fi voice sung with chalkboard scratch “wrong” notes, and then there’s a separate, cheap tonedeaf knockoff of noir film narration that I think got its start during the “cyberpunk” years. That one won’t die, and I think over time, it has been a very big nail in adult-oriented written science fiction with that label on it. Eric Clapton's version of J. J. She gave me an idea I was instantly hooked to do walking tour around the City of Laoag. The name of the city "LAOAG" is a derivation of the Ilocano term "lawag", which means light/brightness. According to history, Laoag has a clear, blue skyline. It was from this premise, perhaps, that the place was given the name "Laoag. " Laoag City, a vibrant and dynamic growth center in the north, is a truly unique destination offering charming surprises, panoramic sand dunes, lush vegetation, scenic beaches, highland lures, historical and heritage sites. This year has made me think about morality, as in what is moral and what is not? To me it is a subjective question based on a person's personal views, probably as a result of their upbringing and what they have done and seen in adult life. I hear older members of my family give broad sweeping statements such as "the youth of today have no morals", yet if I open a History book it seems to me that ever since man has had conscious thought morality has been a battle between them! Some people or events are easily seen as immoral by most people, such as Hitler and his Holocaust and the Reign of Terror brought about by Stalin, or paedophiles to name just three. To me something immoral is doing something that may hurt another person, animal or the environment in which we live in for no good reason other than for one's own gain. BUT, many people seem to be classing things as immoral simply because they do not understand them or do not wish to understand them. I say this since there are members of society who would call people like me depraved and immoral. I and others play in private when and where we can. The laws about murder in the states were written because God already had the law. This law says and means “murder. ” The King James Version says, “Thou shalt not kill. ” All murder is killing, but not all killing is murder. Cross my fingers, I think I've kicked this viral thing. But by the weekend, I was fine. The blacked out ROD number on the tender is a giveaway as to its previous life and the GWR may have added a few of its own fittings, but they certainly haven't pampered it or treated it to a coat of GWR green. I've been impressed by the Harder & Steenbeck airbrush that I employed for the painting and weathering. I finished off the weathering with the loco on running at slow speed on a rolling road, allowing the paint to reach all of the chassis, wheels and motion without leaving any 'stencilling' effects. This idea was suggested to me by Tony at Wealistic Models and it's quite effective - just be sure to clean up the rolling road afterwards. "Better out than in" said some rude person, in a context that we shall pass over quickly. I'd noted on the way down a couple of weeks ago that there was a yard offering a pump-out more cheaply than anyone else I know and, lo and behold, not long after setting out this morning, we passed it. I pulled over and a man on crutches came down the wharf from where he'd been enjoying a coffee with some of his colleagues. One of their own boats was moored up right where the pump-out apparatus was situated, and Erin Mae's pump-out port was on the wrong side. Their hose simply wouldn't stretch the distance. The Brewood visitor moorings are very conveniently right by the steps leading up to the road into the village. They are in a cutting lined with tall, overhanging trees. Ideal, you would think, to provide shelter on a blustery, rainy night. But that's before you take account of what roosts in the trees. Fiona on NB Epiphany noted the geese at Westport Park Lake. I wonder whether half the gaggle flew over to us last night. But I've never yet seen a goose up a tree… Poor Erin Mae was covered in the stuff this morning. It was either something pretty goose-like, or an avian entity with a very sick tummy. Or perhaps they weren't roosting at all, just unable to resist a nice green and maroon target for dive-bomber practice. .