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Eventually she ran out of people willing to do that—and started taking the bus instead.

A recent news story reports on tests of the cameras of four high end smart phones, giving high marks to the new iPhone.

Reading it, it occurred to me that would be nice to have some measure of the reliability of reports of this sort.

In this case, there is a simple way to do it. It would be straightforward to calculate the standard deviation of the scores they produced and from that how likely it was that the difference between the phone that won and the phone that came in second was due to chance. Politicians concerned about immigration, in particular illegal immigration to the U.


K. His version would make some sense if he were actually proposing that the U. S. But he isn't proposing that, and neither is anyone else.

As they surely all know, illegal immigrants to the U.

In every projector the power supply was not working. I replaced the same capacitor in all seven projectors.

Out of the seven projectors changing the capacitor fixed five of them.

One power supply had some burnt parts and a burnt circuit board. This is what my closet looks like. This week the US government stopped all funding for a program that had been promoting Religious Freedom around the world. On the very same news cast they also announced that, via executive order, federal funding will be cut off from any nation that does not support "Gay Rights". Then on Saturday I sat down and watched the science channel video called "Biblical Mysteries Explained examines the tale of Sodom and Gomorrah". I knew they had excavated Sodom and had determined the it was in fact destroyed by fire and brimstone. The people died in agony as they were set on fire. What was kind of funny is that while they were proving the Biblical record to be true they were also referring to the story of Sodom as a "tale" and referring to the time as being "BCE". Here is a link to some of the Archaeological Evidence for Sodom: The article is titled "Archaeological Evidence for Sodom: Recent Findings Shed Light on Discoveries of ‘Biblical Proportions’" Here is the Science channel Video: Earlier this year New York state passed a "gay marriage" law and joined several other New England states in doing that. Then this summer three major storms/hurricanes passed through these same "gay marriage" states and did record damage to the area. In fact I heard it was the most damage from "acts of God" that the US has ever seen. While working out hard for his new job, my partner hit a dog while bicycling, face-planted, and injured his head badly.

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No more bicycling, ever.

" I didn't say anything.

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I did have one chance to draw breath.

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Tom Sawyer, Becky Thatcher, Nancy Drew, Oliver Twist, Huckleberry Finn, Jim Hawkins, and Penrod.

The first list are heroes without being Christian. The second are heroes because they are Christian. The first list are forever boys or girls. They never grow up. How can a teacher, who is a Christian and otherwise living a godly life, be a cause of disunity? It seems to be easy enough because there are so many participants. Let us suppose that the doctrines taught are absolutely true and that the students learn these doctrines well. Then, of course, the students will be more like Jesus, more Godly, and more Holy. Why?There are several reasons. These truths were taught to the head, not the heart. The teacher was not an example, he was just a teacher. Heljan's finest enhanced with powders and paint. A restrained weathering job was required for this Hymek, with most of the dirt restricted to the bogies and fuel tanks. Eschewing an airbrush altogether, I've used paints, washes and powders applied by hand. 'Chipping' and 'scuffing' on the footsteps, using coloured pencils, bring out the best of the detail relief. Oh, and the cab interiors have also been enhanced and weathered.

It was back to the Museum of Liverpool this morning to check out a section that my best beloved had missed yesterday, and then on to the Maritime Museum and the Museum of Slavery, which occupy the same building in the Albert Dock area.

Both museums have multiple references to Liverpool's history. Our time in the first was spent mostly downstairs in the sections dealing with the city as a focus for migration to the Antipodes or the New World, and with Customs and Excise. We were invited to shudder at the conditions suffered by passengers who could only afford to travel in "steerage", and to to be outraged by those today who attempt to smuggle rare species or products derived from them. The Museum of Slavery is a brave attempt at facing up to Liverpool's historical involvement in this appalling thing, on which so much of the city's wealth was built, but it looks far more widely than that. It concentrates on analysing the nature of, and rationale for, the African slave trade, and its aftermath to the present day. It invites shock and shame, and plenty of thoughtful reflection.

It all worked out quite well in the end, returning to our original plan of cruising the Rufford arm of the Leeds and Liverpool canal before going to Liverpool itself.

But overnight in Rufford the poo tank light came on. So I reversed back through the bridge to our overnight mooring and explained the situation to Jonathan and Heather, who left on their own while we waited. "Wittick", they say. Much easier, less pompous. But it doesn't really do justice to Wightwick Manor, which we visited this morning. From the front, as you look up from the sundial… you can see the styles that a well-heeled, aesthetically-minded Victorian felt appropriate to grace his family home. What is particularly fascinating is the contrast, and yet the harmony, with the interior, which we weren't allowed to photograph. In spite of his wealth having originated in the industrial revolution via a successful paint and varnish manufacturing business, Mander had bought into the philosophy of the Arts and Crafts movement, and the interior is full of William Morris. All this in the context of a house very clearly designed for a wealthy Victorian household. .