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Guide me with the light of truth and grant me wisdom by which I may understand the answer to my prayer.

Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Please pray for all our military serving in Afghanistan, Iraq and wherever in harm's way. Obama, however, is in his second term. One possible interpretation of his many times repeated claim that anyone who liked his present coverage could keep it, a claim he knew would be proved false, was that it was an endgame strategy based on his knowledge that he would never have to face the voters again. That is not true for the congressional democrats who supported Obamacare, some of whom may well be defeated next year as a result. But what about the election after that? At the moment it looks as though Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic candidate. She won't be hurt. I have already described the reasons why I should not be disappointed at Obama's reelection and why I am. There is a third question I should have asked and didn't, also relevant to my feelings—not the consequences of Obama winning but the implications of the fact that he won. The fact that that rhetoric worked at least well enough to get him elected—despite a collection of negatives that one might have expected to defeat him—is disturbing for what it might imply about the future. It is made only a little less disturbing by the fact that the popular vote looks to be split very nearly evenly—Romney may even win it. But there is good news as well. That will be the biggest defeat the War on Drugs has suffered in my lifetime. If, optimistically, it is the beginning of the end, that could be more important than which of the candidates I wanted to lose did. Assuming that the account is correct, I think it has an interesting implication, not for climate science but for the controversy around it. I don't watch that controversy very carefully, but one part of it is the question of what is actually happening to global temperature, with some skeptics arguing that the upward trend is for one reason or another either fictional or exaggerated. My question is whether, prior to this particular explanation surfacing, the other side had conceded that for some unknown reason temperatures were not rising as predicted, or whether they waited to admit that until they had an explanation. If the latter, then perhaps the wrong side is getting labeled "denialist. He makes it reasonably clear that the recent data, while not inconsistent with the long-run warming trend, did not actually support it, which is evidence of the honesty of his side of the argument.

Or do they?It would be a mistake for schools, especially elite schools, to allocate places entirely on the basis of price, for at least three reasons.

An employer prefers, ceteris paribus, employees able enough to have gotten into Harvard or Chicago.

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God is glorified in us when we are satisfied with His will for our lives.

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The following is the article I wrote for the New Year's Day local derby between Ebbsfleet United and Dartford.

Firstly, a very Happy New Year to all the supporters of Ebbsfleet United and Dartford. I also hope that you didn’t all get too merry last night, especially when the clock struck twelve! The Festive Season is certainly one that involves an abundance of food, drink, family time and relaxation. It is also fair to say that the Boxing Day and New Year’s Day football matches are part of that tradition too. Nothing beats getting away from the house to go to the local football ground to support your team to a win.

In India, professional ethics in its true sense is a dream.

In such situations in India, people join in with such groups with all enthusiasm. " Even worse, sometimes the managers join in. Down to the next bridge, and things are clearly happening. It's the Montgomery restoration section of the Shropshire Union society hard at work to put this bit of the Monty under water, which they hope to do by the end of the summer. They laughed when they saw the camera, and told me to take a picture of the bloke in the dump-truck.

Which I did.

Turned out he was an Air Vice Marshall, having a relaxing break from whatever AVMs do! Further down the path, the size of the restoration task became even more apparent. The wording was along the lines of "he moved mountains". .