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"I have made myself a slave to all so as to win over as many as possible.

"This mission of preaching and teaching the truths of Jesus Christ and giving access to him in the sacramental life for the salvation of the world has been entrusted to Saint Paul and to everyone in the Church, according to the vocation of each. The Church casts out evil in Christ, both of spirit because of sin, but also the physical evils that afflict the body and the mind such as illness, poverty and the lack of other means to human dignity such as shelter, food, clothing, education, employment and and health care. Neglect of these issues is the equivalent of building our house on sand. Read the entire text here. I have always enjoyed flying. Especially in small planes. My husband can fly, I even took a few lessons.

We have a friend who took us to lunch one day.

The women sat in the back and tried to talk in all the noise, find their houses, do allot of sign language, and take photos of the Tennessee River ways.

I tried to tell my hubby he was long, long overdue for a hair cut that morning. Almost forty years ago, a group of Chicago police officers came at night to an apartment occupied by members of the Black Panther party, opened fire, and killed two people. Despite claims to the contrary by the police, there was never any evidence that anyone inside the apartment had fired at the police first. She replied by pointing out that the Panthers were offering to let anyone who wanted see the apartment. I went, and learned something interesting—when a bullet goes through a wall, you can see which way it was going by the direction the splinters point. If so, I didn't spot it. He was acquitted. The city, state, and county, however, ended up paying a substantial amount to the survivors in settlement of their civil claim. In my first book, I told the story as an illustration of one advantage of privately prosecuted civil law over publicly prosecuted criminal law. Normally, when I send folks to a URL, I mean for you to read their online stuff. Kathy Jackson and I both posted a lot on TheFiringLine. She is a superb writer.

She's also been training men and women to shoot in the Northwest for years.

She has a lot of experience, and has thought about the issue in some new ways that I hadn't seen before. LabRat discusses the crazy, crazy world of gender determination in lizards that give birth without having sex or even contact with lizards of the opposite sex. and it will make you reel. Following the Heller decision, there have been some wild claims made by some rather, uh, strident gun control advocates. Note all of the media attention that they've been getting. A river, of course, which never came. Here's an odd concept to chew on: that Sarah Brady, Chuck Schumer, Richard Bradey, Diane Feinstein, and their ilk are now hoping that the rate of murders goes up in D. C. , to bolster their position. And here, you can watch Diane Feinstein as she, too, realizes what this ultimately will mean, for the fate of the citizens of San Francisco. "My God! They'll all be. If you're a fan of Scotch, or even if you're not, and you haven't tried the pride of Craigellachie, Moray, of the Speyside region of the highlands of Scotland, than I submit that you've never really given good Scotch a chance. I don't drink from it often. In fact, I've had that bottle for a decade, now. Most drinks I've taken from it, I've also poured one for my father. Just before retiring on a good hunting trip, or on momentous occasions, usually. Today was a day worth pouring from that bottle. I was HIGHLY impressed at how easy it was to use, on our ride back home. Going to go shoot a pistol/carbine match with Dad. Hey, it beats working. Nothing else for you today. I have a post rattling around in my head about the Texas Castle Doctrine. Labels: future attractions, shooting. There is so much problem of planting of dragon fruit planting in Malaysia. Partly, because it is not in the crop policy of the country. They include starfruit,papaya,guava, nangka, mangosteen,durian,manggo, etc. These fruits are been gazetted to be planted in the so call in 'Agroclimatological Zones' meaning crops suitable to the climate. The government will support infrastructure, loans and technical needs to the farmers and agencies interested. Of late dragon fruits have attracted many investors to dump their money and many get caught. I’m not trying to stop anyone expressing their point of view, but nor am I obliged to allow my blog to be used as a platform for people I regard as objectionable. They can say whatever they please, but not here. It's my blog, I can do it, and I will. I think that’s rather good, being accused of bringing the profession into disrepute by a man who has previously been dismissed from his post because of gross misconduct. As is usual with these reports you give a much more dramatic and scary impression by quoting relative risk. If you really want to significantly reduce your risk by lifestyle changes you would do far better to stop smoking, slim down, and maintain good oral hygiene. Why do we set out to frighten people, and alter their lifestyle with so little justification? Surprisingly there is little good evidence that alcohol is a risk factor. So I will have another pint and a bacon buttie then please, and file that research paper in the large black plastic bag where it belongs.

Jesus and Mo.

Simple Mathematics!Because I was SANE and not high on alcohol, I did not join this race.

I decided to join the support group from Team FatBird and SGRunners.

Being a water boy for a day was no joke. I felt like a coolie, loading sacks of ice and bottles of isotonic drinks on the two cars, driven by Friends of FatBird: Sealboon and Spencer. And Esau lifted up his voice, and wept. Jesus saith unto them, I am he. And Judas also, which betrayed him, stood with them. The servant’s name was Malchus.

A Q&A with me over at The Drinking Diaries.

Enjoy with a glass of Portuguese white. Cityscape: by the Dana Landry piano trio. This piece is from the CD Memphis Skyline. When I went to the Memphis Botanic Gardens to see the hydrangeas, there was a lot more to see. The lilies looked beautiful. My favorites are the regular orange field lilies, which they have at the edge of their woodland garden: but they also have a formal lily garden:. It seems virtually plotless to me, with lots of fairly static images of faces and fields and sunflowers. There is much weeping, wailing and bemoaning of fates. Alternating with laughter. And a tractor. the single greatest achievement of the ever-more-impressive Soviet silent cinema" and says, "Anyone looking for the origins of Andrei Tarkovsky's cinema must start with Earth. We've always been at a loss for movies that take place at Thanksgiving, especially if we wanted something a bit cheerful. To be honest, we gave up the quest years ago when the parades were better and The Husband had cable for his Turkey Day sports fix. When I ran across this post naming a few Thanksgiving movies I thought I'd try to put together my own list. I found a lot more Thanksgiving movies out there than I realized there were. Or maybe I'll wait and have a Thanksgiving Movie Month next year. in fact mornings with little people are tough. Hey folks, Lucy at Northern Spanking has put up a fantastic summary of the Vegas tyrip from her point of view, together with pictures of us having a riotous time. in which grabbing as much breast as you can is basically it, but there are rules and Lucy explains it better, so do go along to Northern Spanking and see her summary with HILARIOUS and SEXY pics of Brits in Vegas, doing Vegas good!!!Enjoy folks. Three months after the Exodus from Egypt, two million Israelites arrived at Mt. Sinai. ’ The people all responded together, ‘We will do everything the LORD has said. All of this, except a few years of light, was saturated with sin, gross wickedness. The first was said in anger. “I’ll get even. ”The second was said not in anger. “I don’t get mad, I get even.

”If there is any relative merit in these two sayings the badge goes to the first.

Go to now to contribute. While panning, hold SHIFT to constrain pan to horizontal and vertical movements.

Works in modelspace and inside viewports.

We've decided to spend some days on the River Weaver, so we got weaving this morning and said a fond farewell to Bramble Cuttings. We noticed that the picnic tables had these little plaques attached. They say: "This product has been constructed by H M Prison Services using timber reclaimed from old lock gates". Easy to get a bit too sentimental about things like this, but it struck me that this was a worthwhile undertaking all round. Going on to a river means an anchor is in order. Tying knots isn't exactly weaving, but it's a nearly-pun. First up was a double fisherman's knot to tie the two lengths together. Strictly speaking, it's a bend rather than a knot, but nobody calls it that. Nor do I know any fishermen who use it, but there we are. Next I needed to put a water bowline at the other end of the new length. Up on the embankment in the dark it looked like something from Close Encounters. Great Haywood marina, by and large, is very peaceful. A railway runs along one side and, every hour or so, a Virgin train tears past. Apart from that it's pretty quiet. .